Sunday Reflections: Come, Follow Me

Sunday Reflections: Come, Follow Me

A young man knocked on our door this morning with a simple message.

This young man along with his senior companion was on an errand of the Lord, helping provide an opportunity for Elisa and me to contribute a monthly “fast offering” to help out the poor and needy in our neighborhood. It was refreshing to see this monthly service relaunch today after being put in quarantine status for most of a year.

As his service was concluded, I asked this young man if he might have a simple message to share with us. My request caught him off guard, but after a brief moment of hemming and hawing, he rose in confidence and simply said…

“It’s the little things that matter.”


Many centuries ago a father shared a simple message with his son. This father was the prophet Alma and he was speaking to his son Helaman.

“By small and simple things,” Alma wrote, “are great things brought to pass.”

We have each been blessed by many small and simple things.

The simplest of all invitation came from the Savior Jesus Christ.

“Come, Follow Me.”

What could be more simple, and more beautiful?

As Elisa plays this beautiful arrangement of “Come, Follow Me” by Brent Jorgensen, we invite you to ponder upon your feelings and what simple invitations you may be feeling.


Elisa and I are honored to share a special opportunity we have to host a worldwide Sunday evening interfaith devotional. This devotional will be broadcast on the “Worldwide Unified” Facebook group on Sunday, March 21st, at 7pm Mountain Time.

Previous devotional leaders have included The Bonner Family, Pastor Gabe Kolstad and his wife Melissa, Portia Wilcox Louder who shared her journey of finding freedom in prison, pianist Kayla Peeters, and our friend Jamie Carrier who shared a beautiful musical message at Christmas time. Last week, Jon Schmidt of The Piano Guys and his wife Michelle shared how they learned to trust in God at a deeper level after their daughter Annie died.

It’s truly an honor to be part of this beautiful Worldwide Unified family!
We’ll share more details in the coming days.

Have a beautiful Sunday!

We Love you!

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