Monday Morning Boost: Are You A Life Beacon?

Monday Morning Boost: Are You A Life Beacon?

What are the beacons in your life???

To start with, let’s simply understand a beacon is a “light or other visible object serving as a signal, warning, or guide.”

The mighty lighthouses providing guidance for ships at sea are beacons. A buoy floating in water indicating the presence of underwater hazards is a beacon. Airport lights guiding pilots to a safe landing are beacons.

There are also those people we would call “Life Beacons.”

Life Beacons are those people we give high value to their words and thoughts. We value their opinions as more than just opinions. We listen intently to their counsel and seriously consider following it. Life Beacons help us gather more knowledge than we may on our own and help us understand more quickly than we may on our own. They show us the way.

With this understanding, who are the Life Beacons in your life???

As you contemplate, I invite you to enjoy this poem I penned a couple of years ago. Then I invite you to ponder the question that follows.

By Les Patterson

Our journey is like that of most
Fraught with the storms of ups and downs

Yet what we find within the throes
Creates opportunities for actions to take

Precious gems only upheavals can reveal
Results manifesting stronger than denials

As we daily look with vision forward
Unlike many who journey ever will

The compass true we choose to follow
Our backs lean into the oars of effort

The storms of life will not subside
Yet our determined will keeps us at the helm

Thus, when the storms have passed
The brilliant sun shining faithfully once again

While others may only see resting in the reprieve
We know we are weathering strong

As the next storm billows on the horizon
We bask knowing we will meet head on

Joy in the journey we continually discover
Lightens our load and strength gives us

As we have followed the light of our Captain
A beacon light for others we will also be


Now, the most important question to ponder…

Who are you a Life Beacon for and how are you doing???

Give it some thought. It’s worth it.

Have a great Monday! Thanks for letting me share!


p.s. Take 13 minutes today to focus on becoming more of a Life Beacon for those who matter most.

Lighthouse Photo by Evgeni Tcherkasski on Unsplash




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