Monday Morning Boost: Blooming Desert Flowers… And Other Creative Inspiration!

Monday Morning Boost: Blooming Desert Flowers… And Other Creative Inspiration!

Some of the best creative inspiration can happen during the midnight hours when our mind is open to the weirdness of dreams, the inspiration of Heaven, and our brain’s natural ability to create is working overtime.


As you ponder for a moment or two, invite you to keep reading to the end for an exciting announcement from Elisa and me!

Okay, now back to our regularly scheduled program of figuring out where inspiration comes from.

So let’s talk poetry!

I am frequently asked what inspires me to write poetry and write it so fast.

First of all, I didn’t start writing poetry till after I launched Red Edge Mentoring. But once I started writing, it was like I couldn’t stop! In the nearly 5 years since I step into the entrepreneurial world of mentoring, training, and speaking, I have written many poems. Now that I have started collecting them into one place, I know I have well over 300. And I’m still finding them hidden away in folders on my hard drive!

As to where my creative inspiration comes from, the quick answer is you.

When I read the words you share on social media, ponder your ideas, and strive to feel your concerns, my thoughts are often prompted to respond with a poem. It started simply at first when I wanted to find a more personal way to wish you “Happy Birthday”.  This was one of the first for that annual occasion we each have.

It’s your birthday
Yes once again
Enjoy the festivities
Put on a grin

Count the days
Celebrate in glory
Have a lot of fun
Create a better story

Life gets better
Yes every year
Happy birthday my friend
Crank up those gears!

Soon I was able to create poems to celebrate anniversaries, offer words of comfort when going through a hard time, and thoughts of hope when a loved one finished their journey.

It’s also your normal moments of life, a photo you share, a meme, or a quote that prompts me to ponder and write. Here are two I recently created in response to such moments shared by you.


Yonder mountain peak
Beckons my soul to seek
Though an effort hard and long
Courage found makes me strong
From this journey I will not shriek


That which we speak
Driven by our thoughts
Becomes our own reality
Held deep within our soul
It’s up to us to determine
What our reality will be
As we speak we create

I don’t fancy myself a poet. No, not by any means. But I do enjoy it when my words weave together in a way that resonates with my heart. And I have the confidence to share them, even if sometimes it sounds like I “Just might be/A drunk in the bar/When words start flowing/Out of broken jars.”


A poet who thinks
A poet they are
Just might only be
A drunk in the bar
When words start flowing
Out of broken jars
Time to get runnin’
Or hop in the car!

With that my friends, I bid you adieu for today with gratitude for your continual inspiration.


I now invite you to read our exciting news!


Elisa and I are honored to share a special opportunity we have to host a worldwide Sunday evening interfaith devotional. This devotional will be broadcast on the “Worldwide Unified” Facebook group on Sunday, March 21st, at 7pm Mountain Time.

Our message will focus on the beautiful hymn “Does The Journey Seem Long” as we share a bit of our story and the blessings we have experienced.

We are honored to be in pretty good company! Previous devotional leaders have included The Bonner Family, Pastor Gabe Kolstad and his wife Melissa, Portia Wilcox Louder who shared her journey of finding freedom in prison, pianist Kayla Peeters, and our friend Jamie Carrier who shared a beautiful musical message at Christmas time. And two weeks ago Jon Schmidt of The Piano Guys and his wife Michelle shared how they learned to trust in God at a deeper level after their daughter Annie died.

It’s truly an honor to be part of this beautiful Worldwide Unified family and extend our gratitude for the invitation from Alexander Solis La Torre who has helped create and lead this movement to create worldwide unity. The specific link will be available as soon as Friday. Please leave a comment below if you would like to be notified.

Have a great Monday! Thanks for letting me share!


p.s. Take 13 minutes today to look around for inspiration and practice a little creative creating of your own. 

Lead Photo by Daniel Tuttle on Unsplash


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