Monday Morning Boost: Immersed in Easter Love

Monday Morning Boost: Immersed in Easter Love

Elisa and I were blessed this past weekend to be surrounded by family. Though the literal number was very small — Leslie Ann and our granddaughter Savannah — we felt as if we were fully immersed in the richness of love.

We enjoyed playing with Savannah, exploring the backyard for the ever-elusive plastic Easter Eggs filled with chocolate, coloring actual Easter Eggs, bubbles, and chalk art on the sidewalk.

Leslie Ann also enthusiastically jumped right into the early Easter fun searching to find her own hidden treasure of Easter Eggs. Always young at heart, Leslie Ann made sure we knew she was also immersing us with her love and not leaving all the fun just for Miss Savannah!

I’m grateful we were able to attend church on Sunday and feel the love of He who we celebrate during this holy week of Easter. This feeling of being immersed in the love of Jesus Christ helps me make it through the hard times of life and grants me a beautiful gift of comfort and hope when the sting of death shows up.

I spoke with a friend this morning who is remembering her son who was killed in an accident three years ago this week. He was 18. This will be a hard week. Tears will mostly come back as the pain of grief not one to always stay away.

When death way too early, it may feel hard to find those beautiful memories at the moment. Especially when the pain is so deep and raw. Just as the heartache will return at times, so will the comfort. That is the gift of love Easter promises.

A gift of love Easter is
Offered such the Father has
Freely given by His Son
Sting o’ death we each will pass

It seems to be the little moments of life, be they daily or sparsely scattered over time, that create the most cherished connecting memories of a loved one who has passed away. Those beautiful memories will come. So will comfort and peace, along with an abundant measure of hope and the sweet assurance no goodbye will be forever.

It will be that assurance of love which will carry us through. That is the gift of God’s love. That is the Gift of Easter, the Gift of the Empty Tomb. Because of Him, No Goodbye will last forever.

By Les Patterson

He was lifted
Upon the cruel cross of Calvary
At a place named Golgotha
To pay an unfathomable price
For sins and pains, small and great.

But first
Angels heralded His miraculous birth
In a manger with cattle lowing
Where His mother Mary welcomed
Gentle shepherds and gifting wise men.

Then He grew
As a child nurtured by a guardian father
Growing by grace, precept, love
Increasing in wisdom, stature, favor
Yet always about His Father’s business.

And He lived
Walking in service, kneeling in healing
Ministering, teaching, and leading
Lifting in love, inviting each to do likewise
To come and follow Him.

Then He knelt
Praying in a garden called Gethsemane
Angel ministering, the cup not passing
Shedding great drops of precious blood
Doing not His will but the Father’s.

Then He rose
Triumphant on the third day
Angels heralding His empty tomb
Witnesses proclaiming, then and now
The eternal truth that He lives.

Because of Him
We live today, to serve and to love
To rise from sorrow and pain
Resolute in comforted knowledge
No goodbye will last forever.


Have a great Monday! Thanks for letting me share.


p.s. Take 13 minutes today to simply enjoy the comfort and hope of the Gift of Easter.


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