Sunday Reflections: How Are You A Spiritual Giant?

Sunday Reflections: How Are You A Spiritual Giant?

There have been many over the course of my journey who I have seen as SPIRITUAL GIANTS. As I have pondered what it is that makes a person a spiritual giant to me, I believe it comes down to three core principles.


They believe in their God and in the essence of how they connect with God, even if they doubt, have questions, or struggle to live the precepts they ascribe to. They hope for that which is true, even though they don’t yet know.


They put their faith to work in their own way striving to be a bit better going forward. They get back up, either on their own or with assistance, every time they are down. Their works may be minor or major, barely visible or openly seen by others. As Jesus shared in His seminal Sermon on the Mount, “by their fruits ye shall know them,” the real manifestation of those fruits is often only visible to the Savior Himself.


Their faith and action manifest as they strive to love themselves and love others in the same manner they strive to love their God. They see the beauty and greatness as others are now, and in their potential. In turn, they strive to receive love, especially the eternal love the Savior Jesus Christ offered when He atoned for our souls in the Garden of Gethsemane and then on the Cross of Calvary.


Perhaps this perspective of Spiritual Giants may be too simple. But then, it may be too complicated. As for me, my hope feels simple enough that the Faith to Act is based on the Love I have for and receive from our Savior and from others. Such Love fuels me with hope to Act on Faith and keep getting back up. That seems to be simple enough.

I pose two questions for you…

  • Who has been a Spiritual Giant in your life?
  • How are you a Spiritual Giant?

Have A Beautiful Sunday.

We Love You!

Les & Elisa

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