Monday Morning Boost: A Handsome & Sexy Man

Monday Morning Boost: A Handsome & Sexy Man

My friends Jenna Riser and Emily Marlow have caused me to ponder again on my journey with body image. As I have contemplated I have poured my thoughts into creating.

If I may share…

First, a couple of stories,

And then a gift of poetry.


I have often felt intimidated in the past when going to the gym because scrawny old me couldn’t lift like other men could. Lifting was unfamiliar, I really didn’t know what I should do, nor how best to workout.

I eventually became more comfortable in my space over time, then more confident. I learned a little more, asked questions, even asked those questions I felt could be perceived as dumb questions.

Two years have now passed, thanks to the restrictions, since I regularly worked out in a gym. I feel some of the old intimidating factors coming back. While those are real feelings, they are not my real reality.

I know better who I am is not determined by the amount of weight I can lift. I proudly embrace that 5-pound dumbbell and don’t feel embarrassed when I barely manage a 20-pound chest press.

I know my WHY, my purpose. I am showing up to improve myself, to rebuild my heart, to extend my life.

I owe no one an explanation. I don’t need to justify why I can lift so little. I don’t need to bare my chest to show off my freshly wounded battle scars of open-heart surgery.

I just need to intentionally and consistently show up. Do what my body can. Rest when I need. And drink plenty of water!

Then do it again.


Whatever way you walk the journey with your own body image, please know you are loved just as you are. Small, medium or large, petite or plus size, too skinny or too heavy, I see your beautiful greatness.

It’s alright if you struggle to have healthy thoughts about your physical body. It’s part of the journey. If this is the case, I offer a solution that has worked wonders for me.

For years, I saw myself as scrawny, weak, and ugly. I desperately wanted to look better than I thought I did. I was tired of not liking what I saw when looking in the mirror.

I vividly remember the day I made the choice to create a better story. It was several years ago while driving home from work when I looked in the rearview mirror of my car and told myself, “I see a handsome and sexy man.”


Did I really choose to see myself as a handsome and sexy man??? Yes, I did. Not in a conceited way, but in confidence. It was a choice to see myself as a man of greatness and no longer allow my self-given negative labels to control my thoughts.

The change didn’t happen overnight. Negative thoughts still flooded my mind. But with intentional and consistent effort, I have completely changed my mindset. These specific negative thoughts no longer show up.

I have created a new story. And with the new story, a more confident desire in the gym and a more confident desire to live a healthy life. And here’s the amazing part. This increased confidence in my physical appearance has translated into more confidence in my internal soul.

Do you see the connection?

Once we feel more confident in one area, we will start to see and feel and act more confidently in other areas. It’s a simple formula that really works.

Give it a try!

Create a new story, then bring it to life. This is how we create our story of Love & Greatness.


I leave you with a small gift for all you beautiful souls who are also Creating your Story of Love & Greatness! Please know you are a child of divine worth!

Have a beautiful Monday! Thanks for letting me share!

Les Patterson

p.s. Take 13 minutes today to change your body image story.

Lead Image by Bruno/Germany, Pixabay



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