Sunday Reflections: We Hear Him Come

Sunday Reflections: We Hear Him Come

Our beautiful friends, it’s been a joy to welcome you into our home, to share our joy, our love for our Savior Jesus Christ. He is indeed risen, triumphant in glory, He lives to bless us with His abundant love.

To remember our Savior
The gift of His atoning grace
For He is risen in glory splendor
Triumphant truth that we may know
His arms await our soul to embrace

No matter our burden, our challenges, our despair, He lives to grant us daily peace, forever hope.

On this Easter morn
Prayers of hope and peace
May your heavy burdens
Be granted a gift of ease

We heard Him come, once as Babe born in a manager and as our resurrected Lord. We will hear Him come again in majestic and triumphant glory. And we hear Him come today, in the sweet whispering of His abundant love.

We hear Him come
In glory splendor 
For He is risen
His arms outstretched
Awaiting to embrace
To wrap us in love
His atoning grace
Resurrection’s miracle
Love’s greatest gift
Sufficient for all

May you be blessed to also hear Him come as you enjoy Elisa’s playing this beautiful arrangement of “I Heard Him Come” by David Glen Hatch.

Have A Beautiful Easter Sunday!

We Love You!

Les & Elisa




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