Monday Morning Boost: How Do Greatness & Leadership Connect?

Monday Morning Boost: How Do Greatness & Leadership Connect?

What does greatness have to do with being a focused leader?

I asked this question early this month on Facebook and was pleasantly surprised by the thoughtful comments I received. Some were simple and short; others more extensive.

I’ll let their thoughts speak for themselves, adding my thoughts as needed. As you read, I invite you to consider the same question.

Kyle Beers

“I think greatness comes from knowing what you know well, but also being aware that there is more to learn (staying curious) and sharing with others (generosity)… It creates a connection to humanity and helps me find purpose.”

Merrill Page

“Greatness is the end result and is a natural progression of focus and perseverance and other leadership qualities.” When I asked Merrill what intentional actions create greatness within himself, he added: “Practicing skills daily with deliberateness. What we practice, we become.”

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Jim Stone

“Greatness is so broad it would be two hard two reply… That’s a tuff one two answer.”

Okay… Les here… Let’s talk first impressions… What is your first impression of this one sentence from Jim Stone? His spelling and grammar, which you’ll see continue, is not normal acceptable English. Yet, for one who writes in broken English, Jim (pictured with his dogs) is a published author, an inventor, a patent holder, a fisherman galore, a business owner, a writer of life schooled in nature with his dogs as teachers, and a master of the “intricate patterns that speak in languages only the soul understands.” Jim is a good soul. Let’s read the rest of his words.

“In my opinion we all have many great things in us when you put several great ones together than it becomes greatness .to me greatness is so mutch more than just one thing .like yes you can be great at one thing.but two achieve true greatness you have two be great at many things.I no you are greatness. I hope you’re doing really well .I appreciate all you’re inspiring posts .you’re an amazing man and person ❤️ thank you for you’re friend ship.”

Now, what is your impression???

Ben Gochberg


William Boardman

“To know the truth, I’d have to take a poll. Then I’d have to toot my own horn. When I sift through the hubris of my self importance, I’m left with a voice that’s concerned with speaking the truth and encouraging each to lift his eyes and bring his best self to life.”

Michelle Mullen


Khalil Puddy Sikander

“Focused Leadership is a continuation of striving for your greatness while allowing others to reach theirs. I believe everyone’s definition of greatness will be different. The underlying point for me is that giving your best is greatness. As a focused leader if you working hard to love yourself while providing for others without any thought of receiving anything in return you have greatness in you. There is no end point to it. No one determines it but you though many think it’s given from an outside source. I believe that’s is where true greatest lies. I believe that is when greatness and focused leadership go hand in hand.”

Jeremiah Alleman


Traci Joanou Kilgore

“They go hand in hand in my opinion. However, your definition of Greatness may not be the same as mine.”

Les here again… I intentionally wrap up this discussion with Traci’s thoughts, in part because of her final question which I will answer here. I invite you to open your mind and your heart to see what she is sharing here.

“My definition of greatness would be, at a level above the average. One that excels in what they do. One that puts in extra effort in what they do. One that gets as close to perfect or at least tries on a regular basis. In addition, if you’re using greatness in the context of a human it would also include accepting others just as they are. No judgment – Meaning you let people be who they are. You don’t have to agree with it, but you don’t criticize or shame them for who they show up as. My ability to see beauty in everything. My ability to hold space for others to share. be heard and feel loved and accepted. I am a lover at heart and truly love the human condition and our need to be nurtured by a community. My heart is all about transformation in every form. I believe anything is possible. Therefore I don’t discount anyone’s viewpoint for themself. Allowing others to show up exactly as they are and appreciate that we are all on our own individual journey.”

Okay, this is Les to wrap things up.

I like Traci’s thoughts. Strike that, I LOVE Traci’s thoughts! It’s as if she has reached into my soul and extracted what greatness means to me. Thus, I will answer her final question.

“Now Les Patterson, the same question is for you. What is Greatness to you?”

“Greatness is the culmination of intentional and consistent efforts to become the best version of ourselves while empowering others to become the best versions of themselves.”

Is this a quotable definition that will find its way into Goodreads and other sites? Maybe. As you can see here, I’ve created it into my own quote. Perhaps that is good enough. But is it great enough?


I am truly honored by each who shared their throughts. I see their greatness and love them exactly as they are.

Now we wrap up with the question for you…

What makes you great?

Share your answer via email, on my blog, or find me on Facebook and keep the conversation going.


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Have a Beautiful Monday! I love you, friends!


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