Monday Morning Boost: Second Thoughts

Monday Morning Boost: Second Thoughts

In one of his recent daily emails, Seth Godin invites us to consider which problems and situations deserve a second thought. Or a third and fourth. And which thoughts do not deserve our wasted energy.

“The art,” Godin writes, “is understanding which sort of problem we’re facing. And devoting the right amount of thought (not less and definitely not more) to the situation we’re in. Spending cycles on categorizing the problem is probably more productive than wasting time on problems that don’t deserve our effort.”

I recently presented this thought for discussion with the leaders who are members of the Cache Valley Chapter of the Empowering Greatness Mastermind Group. We enjoyed an empowering conversation as we practiced the “art of understanding” to determine what is the “right amount of thought (not less and definitely not more)” for each idea shared.

The Mastermind group is meeting again this morning, perhaps even as you are reading this. Our discussion today will take our discussion to the next level as we explore the concept if that which we think is correct or incorrect.

One of the potential risks of surrounding ourselves with like-minded thinkers is the easy validation of ideas without the necessary critical questioning. Inside the Mastermind group, we strive to surround ourselves with greatness in order to challenge our thinking through appropriate validation and respectful ad confidential critical questioning.

Indeed, we seek to do as Godin suggests, “devoting the right amount of thought (not less and definitely not more) to the situation we’re in.”

I extend to you this Power of Three for consideration, along with an invitation to share your thoughts and ask your questions.

  • How do you surround yourself with greatness?
  • How do you apply critical thinking to your ideas?
  • How will you rise and step forward in confidence?

Have a beautiful Monday! Love you, friends!


p.s. Take 13 minutes today to read Seth Godin’s complete thought, albeit true to Godin form, a very brief thought.

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