Monday Morning Boost: Wrapped Not In Bows

Monday Morning Boost: Wrapped Not In Bows

Moments wrapped not in the bows
Prompt within my soul
A pondering hope in the gift
The true Gift of Christmas

This Christmas moment, a moment wrapped not in bows, prompts within my soul a pondering hope in the true gift of Christmas.

Thus I write.


The true gift of Christmas
Is not wrapped up in bows
Nor found in packages
Bought in the stores
But inside those stores
And the packages wrapped
Those neatly with tight bows
Christmas truth can be found
In the bows of eternal hope
Packages of everlasting joy
Forever flowing stores of hope
For in the gifts the Gift is found

And write some more…

On this day we celebrate birth
Of He who creates our greatest worth
May our hearts with joy be filled
Upon our souls peace distill
Immerse us in His gentle love
A glorious gift from heaven above

When my soul feels free, unhurried, relaxed… I write, create, share…

A dashing of joy
Escapes the pressure
A gift of connection
Moments of pleasure
Celebration of life
Love beyond measure
A gift of friendship
A beautiful treasure

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I write when incredible people inspire me through their life of rising, of living with hope, such as this poem inspired by Paralympian Jeff Griffin who lives every day by turning the impossible into “I’m Possible”.

Rising from defeat
Choosing to embrace
Living today better
Finding the yes
Living the hope
Replacing the can’t
Creating the can
Seeing the vision
Executing the strategy
Living your promise
Creating your story
By loving yourself
With compassionate grace
And living today
In confident greatness

May be an image of 1 person and text

And this one inspired by my friend Tiffany Berg who understands what it means to rise with hope and confidence.

Rising with confidence
Though immersed in faults
Moving with intention
Though falling at times
Soaring in greatness
Though flapping haphazardly
Creating in love
Though struggling to be

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Nearly all of my poetry is inspired by and written for a specific person, such as this one for my friend Merrill Page who grew up on Marindale Avenue, a skinny side just off historic Center Street in Logan, Utah, famously known for its unique holiday decorations. Merrill is also an incredible composer and musician, currently writing a musical on bullying and the scars that last a lifetime. Click here to listen to one of the early songs called “Different”.  


To Marindale we will make our way
Though maybe not in a horse drawn sleigh
Perhaps to sing a well known tune
Even if it sounds like barking at the moon
In tribute we will sing in toast
To those who served with hardly a boast
For that is the spirit of the festive yuletide
The forever love of the manger born Christ Child

Image of a sailing vessal and an ocean sunrise
Image by Karrie Poulter

I leave you with this poem, one of the over 15 I have written in the last week. This one is greatly inspired by my adventurous friends Karrie and Roan Poulter who are spending Christmas navigating a sailing vessel from Acapulco to Panama (the poem “Wrapped Not In Bows” is also inspired by their Christmas day sailing adventures).


To see another with grace
No matter their human race
To look past the standard fare
And treat others with tender care
To be willing to do the hard part
Imagine the healing of the heart

To forgive when wronged
And then walk the extra mile long
To care for a wounded soul
Even till the world feels whole
To bless others with a needed lift
Imagine sharing this forever gift

To extend to those in darkness lost
A warming smile no matter the cost
To shine the light of sustaining hope
Helping others to rise and cope
To radiate God’s most loving light
Imagine a world so beautifully bright

Thank you also for your love and friendship, and your encouraging confidence through my Journey of the Heart this past year. I share my love with this simple poem I wrote to close out Christmas day.

As we wrap up this Christmas day
A day that began with unwrapping gifts
We share the simple gift of our love
A gift with no unwrapping needed

Have a beautiful Monday. Merry Christmas, friend. I love you!

Les Patterson

p.s. Take 13 minutes today to enjoy the Gift of Christmas stillness. 

Lead image by Gerhard, Pixabay 



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