Sunday Reflections: The Light of the Temple

Sunday Reflections: The Light of the Temple

While we love traveling, road trips, and vacations, we deeply love coming back home, even if it’s bitter cold! As we made our way into Cache Valley late Saturday night, we followed tradition and looked for the lighted spires on the Logan Temple. But the weather inversion kept our spiritual ensign on the hill hidden until we were much closer.

We experienced a similar phenomenon, though not weather related while searching for the Las Vegas Temple last week.

It was impossible to see the lighted temple spires with all the bright lights on the Vegas Strip. We had to leave the brightness of the world in order to see the light of the temple. Then we had to work hard to get to the temple.

Though we have been to the Vegas Temple several times over the years, we still have to follow directions to get there. Somehow in our driving, we got mixed up and ended up off the main roads traveling through residential neighborhoods. At this point, we could see where the temple was but we struggled as we wandered around following our GPS to get there.

We eventually made it to the temple but just 10 minutes before our scheduled 5pm session. We realized we would have to go to a later session as there wasn’t enough time to change into our white clothing and still make it.

But somehow our time was magnified and, without rushing, we made it to the 5pm session.

When we intentionally look for the light of the temple, and work hard to find that light, we will be blessed to discover the eternal light of our Savior Jesus Christ.

Have a beautiful Sunday!

We Love You!

Les & Elisa

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