Monday Morning Boost: When You Feel Something… Do Something!

Monday Morning Boost: When You Feel Something… Do Something!

When you feel something… Do Something!

This became the unofficial ad hoc theme of the Empowering Greatness Leadership Summit… a vision 3 months and 6 years in the making… that finally came true last week.

This was a vision I had given up on… then resurrected… because I choose to live a promise. I choose to do something with what I felt.

Three months and six years ago I stood in a mostly empty ballroom at the Riverwoods Conference Center in Logan, Utah. It wasn’t supposed to be empty. Rather, it was intended to be filled with dozens of leaders ready to be inspired.

I was there for a leadership event put on by a friend who put a lot of effort into making it work. But it didn’t work out. Hardly anyone came.

That was when the vision started for me.

I saw myself standing on the stage, speaking to a large audience. I saw myself leading an incredible event, full of leaders ready to create something powerful in their lives.

I knew if I was to create that vision, I had to figure out the strategy that would enable the vision to become reality.

And I had to live my promise… a promise to keep trying, to keep working, to keep dreaming, and to keep getting back up when things didn’t work out.

That’s what I did. That’s what Elisa did. And with an incredible group of people who all came together to create a successful experience and a wonderful opportunity to feel.

Including me. I felt something. And with what I felt, I will do.

I felt another level of energetic clarity, and when you find clarity focus immediately follows. With this focused energy I commit to doing the following.


  • Rejuvenate – We have pressed hard for the last three months to be ready for the Leadership Experience. We are taking a vacation this week to Vegas to celebrate our 34th anniversary and create time to focus on rejuvenation and connection.
  • Vision – Creating a vision three months and six years ago was the start of the Empowering Greatness Leadership Experience. We will use some of our time this week to create the next level of our Vision, creating the first steps of our Strategy, and focusing on the Promises we will live.
  • Action – Having defined the first steps of our Strategy, we will actually take the steps. We will evaluate as we go, adjust, pivot, and finetune as needed.

Now that you have felt something, what will you DO? What will be your Power of Three?

If anything you have experienced because of the words I share has caused you to feel something… today, or any other time… I invite you to do something with what you feel.

Create your dream. Take the next step in the strategy you plan out. Live your promise to keep getting back up when it gets hard.

You know what it is you feel to do.

Now is the time to do it!

I am here to help.

Have a beautiful Monday! I love you, friends!


p.s. Take 13 minutes today to do something with what feel by writing down a simple Power of Three action steps you will start with.



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