Monday Morning Boost: His Singing Offkey Raised My Confidence

Monday Morning Boost: His Singing Offkey Raised My Confidence

As I sat in the pews on Easter Sunday, I couldn’t help but notice the strong singing voice of a young man with disabilities sitting a few rows behind me. Though I could not see him, I suspect he had a big smile on his face as he confidently sang the Easter hymns even though he was singing off-key. It was obvious he was singing from his heart, with all the joy and love he had for his Savior.

In contrast, I was struggling with some internal feelings that were impacting my self-confidence. I was feeling unsure of myself and my abilities, and it showed in my lack of participation during the singing portion of the service. I sat on the pew next to Elisa, feeling the hardness of the wood beneath the padding, silently wishing I could feel confident enough to sing with joy like he was.

About halfway through the service, the beautiful voice of this young man, along with the grace of He for whom we were singing, started to shift something within me. His joy and confidence were contagious, and I found myself feeling more confident too. So, I started to sing along, still somewhat timidly, but with a newfound sense of hope and peace.

As I pondered this moment throughout Easter Sunday, I realized how much the voice of another can have a powerful impact on our own confidence levels. When we see someone else bravely stepping into their confidence, it can inspire us to do the same. It can help us let go of our doubts and insecurities, and fill us with the same hope and joy that the young man was expressing through his singing.

So, I ask you, how can you use the voices of others to boost your own confidence? Who are the people in your life that inspire you to be your best self? And how can you use their examples to step out of your comfort zone and grow in your own confidence?

There have been many over the years who have empowered me to step forward in confidence. Two more than all others have been the most consistent and the most inspiring.

My angel Elisa. And God.

Let the voices around you fill you with hope, love, and peace, and see where it takes you.

*If you would enjoy hearing more of this story, I invite you to watch our special Easter Sunday Reflections

Have a beautiful Monday! I love you, friends!


p.s. Take 13 minutes today to raise your voice and step forward in confidence. 

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