Monday Morning Boost: Elisa Steps Into Her Greatness!

Monday Morning Boost: Elisa Steps Into Her Greatness!

My angel Elisa shares her story of stepping into greatness…

One of my favorite things about life is that we always have a chance to change our story. In high school, I really wanted a friend that would go with me to the activities and would hang out with me after school. I was brave enough to call and invite some classmates to go with me a few times, but they weren’t able to or already had plans to go with someone else. I was not confident enough to keep inviting after being rejected.

I did have two friends and I would occasionally hang out at their houses. Neither of them wanted to go to any high school event. I did!

I got involved in a lot of things. This became my social life. I became involved in the yearbook which led me to become yearbook editor. I played in pep band so I could go to all the games. I went to a few girl’s choice dances and found a group to go with.

I did have a fun high school experience, but I felt very socially awkward and would almost suffocate people with my attention if they paid a little bit of attention to me. Making friends was not easy for me.

In my adult life, I have been really self-conscious about going to high school reunions. I felt a bit embarrassed about some of my behavior during high school and still felt socially awkward. I missed my 20 and 30 year reunions.

I had a classmate recently pass away unexpectedly. I felt a strong desire to be at his funeral to connect with whatever classmates may attend and to make an effort to change the way I felt around them. On Monday I stepped into my confidence and reached out through our Facebook group to see if anyone wanted to contribute money for flowers and money to give to his wife for any expenses. There was no response on Monday and for a moment it felt like the times when my invitations during high school were rejected.

Les wisely encouraged me and reminded me that people are busy and that no response wasn’t a rejection. Tuesday morning a classmate PM’d me and that’s all it took for my confidence to return. I jumped into action. I ordered flowers and arranged a place for lunch. I let my classmates know and made my Venmo available so I could collect money. Now people responded well.

I attended the funeral this past week and had a great time connecting with classmates, remembering our classmate who passed away, and sharing our condolences with his dad who taught each one of us in high school.

We had lunch afterward and spent a couple hours sharing our lives, talking about the past, and being amazed at how quickly time has passed. I had the most wonderful day!

I know that most of us felt awkward in high school and that is okay. I have given myself permission to not be embarrassed by the ways I acted back then. This was part of me figuring out who I am and becoming the person that I am today. I am confident in who I am!

Les and I have worked hard for over six years now to build a business. We love making a difference in the lives of others. I have learned the great power that comes in connecting with others. I still feel awkward in many social situations, but I am finding more and more how to step into my confidence and find ways to connect.

Making changes in our lives takes courage, persistence, and desire. I love that we have the ability to change our lives! I love the feeling of empowerment that changing brings.

I am so proud of my sweetheart Elisa. I’ve had a front-row seat to her experience and it has been absolutely powerful!

Thanks for letting us share.

Have a beautiful Monday! I love you, friends!


p.s. Take 13 minutes today to step into your greatness!



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