Monday Morning Boost: Connecting with Family, Celebrating Boston’s Blessing

Monday Morning Boost: Connecting with Family, Celebrating Boston’s Blessing

There’s an unexplainable joy when we reunite with loved ones, especially when they live far away. Recently, Elisa and I visited our daughter, Rebecca, and her growing family for Boston’s baby blessing. This heartfelt experience with Rebecca and Taylor and their two boys Corbin and Boston, reminded me of the importance of strengthening connections with family. Join me as I share the beauty of our visit and the profound bond that warms our hearts.


Packed with anticipation, we embarked on a meaningful trip to see Rebecca and her family. We traveled late, split airlines going and coming, and drove extra miles to save extra dollars on the flight. Each mile brought us closer to our eagerly awaited reunion. It showed the enduring strength of our family bond, regardless of the distance.

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The baby blessing was a warm and unifying occasion. Surrounded by loved ones, Taylor took his beautiful two-month-old son in his arms and walked to the front of the chapel. I joined in the circle holding Baby Boston, along with Taylor’s father Todd, two of his brothers Jacob and Steven, and the leader of the ward congregation, Bishop Feustel.

And Taylor blessed his son. With the love of a father, he petitioned God on behalf of his son, praying of faith, speaking in hope, immersed in love.

These moments, these simple, beautiful, moments reminded me of the significance of celebrating milestones and creating cherished memories together.


Beyond the formalities, simple moments brought us closer. The casual conversations hanging out at home, moments filled with laughter, Corbin running from one person to the next. We treasured these moments immersed in the love of family.

Our visit strengthened bonds with Rebecca and Taylor and their two beautiful boys. We connected with the extended family who joined us. We laughed, shared stories, and created memories. Physical distance faded, overshadowed by the love we shared.

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Our journey to celebrate Boston’s blessing brought our family closer. It reminded us to cherish and nurture connections, even from afar. In a disconnected world, family love heals and strengthens us.

Our time with Rebecca, her family, and Boston was filled with gratitude and cherished memories. Reconnecting with family, despite the distance, is invaluable. Embrace the beauty of these connections, cherishing every shared moment, no matter the physical distance.

Thanks for letting me share.

Have a beautiful Monday! I love you, friends!


p.s. Take 13 minutes today to focus on connecting with a loved one who is far away, physically, spiritually, and emotionally.



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