Monday Morning Boost: Meet My Mentors

Monday Morning Boost: Meet My Mentors

Surrounding ourselves with good people will have a profound impact on our lives. Whether they be family, friends, coworkers, or neighbors, the people we intentionally surround ourselves with will make our journey through life more enjoyable and meaningful.

A few of these good people will invariably take on a much more important role for us. They will become those who influence us the most and help guide us through the most challenging paths of life.

These are the good people in our lives who become our leaders, influencers, and mentors. These are the people who will surround us with greatness.

I would like you to meet a few of mine I have had the honor of interacting with over the last few weeks.

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Boyd Cook was a shepherd to my family growing up. I was a young teenager when he moved into our neighborhood. Sometime during those first few years, he received an assignment within our Church Ward to be our “home teacher”.

Though the formal part of that calling ended many years ago, Boyd has never stopped ministering to and watching over our family.

Earlier this year I wrote about Boyd’s search for a kidney donation. That search came to a successful conclusion when he found a very rare match for a donation from his wife Denise. The odds of that perfect match are reported to be one in 100,000.

Last week Elisa and I stopped by to visit Boyd and Denise at the Intermountain Medical Center in Murray (within the Salt Lake Valley). This is the photo taken on the day there were released.

I took the opportunity to share my gratitude for their forever impact of love.


I called Darcy “Captain Burt” when I first met him as the commander of my Army National Guard Unit, the same unit he would lead into combat in Iraq in 2004.

Our unit had converted from a field artillery focus to a motorized infantry combat mission. The transition was challenging and Captain Burt had to make some tough decisions regarding who was doing what.

I was one of those impacted when I was reassigned from my duties as a squad leader to the director of the Operations Center.

The change was a blow to my confidence in many ways. I was angry at Captain Burt, angry at God, and angry at and very disappointed with myself.

The changes made proved to be the right decision. Though I continued to learn hard lessons in the combat zone of Iraq, I gained great confidence in my new opportunity to run the operations center as Captain Burt, First Sergeant Kevin Martinez, and other key leaders continued to nurture me as they followed the military mantra of “Mission First – People Always.”

Darcy has continued to live that mantra in my interactions with him over the 15 years since I retired, always taking time to visit, truly caring how I am doing, and loving me as one of his soldiers. Over the years I have attempted to share my immense love and gratitude for his forever leadership.

Darcy retired last year as a Lt. Colonel at the end of a very long career in the Utah Army National Guard. Last month, Darcy spoke at a ceremony recognizing some of the Cold War Veterans in Cache Valley. He and I were among the many honored that night with the Cold War Medal (hanging on the left breast pocket of both of our jackets).


Cheryl became one of my earliest cheerleaders in the professional speaking world. A full-time professional speaker herself, Cheryl has mentored me from day one, dedicating extra time, effort, and energy to help me become a better speaker and build a strong speaking business.

I have been able to serve this past year with Cheryl on the Board of Directors as she has been the President of the Mountain West Chapter of the National Speaker Association.

Elisa and I were able to join Cheryl and her hubby Rick last week to tour the recently completed Saratoga Springs Temple, near their home, of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints. After our experience in the temple, I took a moment to convey to Cheryl the immense gratitude and love I feel for her love and friendship.


Jay Eubanks hired me for a sales job in radio I had no idea how to do. I was a wet-behind-the-ears marketing guy who thought he knew something (I really didn’t) and Jay took a chance on me.

That chance turned into a 20-year career I thoroughly loved with Jay being my immediate leader for the bulk of that time. While Jay taught me a lot about radio and the selling of radio advertising, he mostly taught me about me.

He helped me to see who I was and who I could be. He nurtured and quietly empowered me to rise to be my best. He loved to listen to my army stories, and loved to share many of his own from his days in Vietnam.

We had a great friendship, and it continues to this day. I try to call him every year on his birthday (which also happens to be my birthday). Though he has many years on me, he’s always made me feel like a peer, both professionally and personally.

I was grateful for that birthday call and the opportunity to share the love and gratitude I feel for his forever friendship.


Elisa is my angel, my forever cheerleader, my wife, my business partner, my love. She has chosen to love me, through thick and thin, no matter what. All that is good about me, and all that is great, is because of her.

I will spend a lifetime plus eternity forever in her debt for the gift of life and love she has given me.


These mentors, and many more, have truly surrounded me in greatness. They have provided support, understanding, and companionship, making the journey through life more enjoyable and meaningful.

Who have been the mentors, the good people of life, who have done this for you?

Thanks for letting me share.

Have a beautiful Monday! I love you, friends!


p.s. Take 13 minutes today to reach out to a mentor and say thanks.

Lead Image by Pete Linforth, Pixabay



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