Monday Morning Boost: Influential Hallway Conversations

Monday Morning Boost: Influential Hallway Conversations

In the vibrant and bustling halls of Influence, the annual conference for the National Speakers Association in sunny Orlando, I found myself immersed in a whirlwind of influential conversations. While the main stage presentations left me inspired and empowered, it was the intimate hallway conversations that truly ignited my passion and sparked new ideas.

Between sessions, I had the pleasure of engaging in enlightening discussions with fellow attendees, and two individuals stood out in particular.

Hanging out with Dino Watt, center, and Christian Napier.

Dino Watt, a dynamic speaker and leadership expert also hailing from the beautiful state of Utah, shared invaluable insights that can breathe renewed ideas into my leadership mentoring program. Dino’s innovative ideas and practical advice opened my mind to new possibilities, enabling me to take my program to the next level.

A constant influential figure in my life is Cheryl Knowlton. She is a constant source of encouragement and unwavering support. Like me, Cheryl calls Utah her home, and her warm and infectious energy serves as a cheerleader. Her uplifting words and belief in my abilities reinforced my purpose and fueled my determination.

Jon Gordon, author of 26 books including 12 best sellers, shares his story of his timeless classic “The Energy Bus”.

From the main stage, two speakers left an indelible mark on my journey. Jon Gordon, renowned for his ability to “Drive the Energy Bus”, delivered a captivating message that resonated deeply with me as a writer and speaker. His insights and strategies encouraged me to infuse my work with positivity and enthusiasm, elevating my impact on others.

Equally unforgettable was Dr. Willie Jolley, who skillfully blended stories, humor, and music to create “defining moments” that touched hearts and ignited transformation. His powerful presence reminded me of the importance of crafting memorable experiences that leave a lasting imprint on my audience’s lives.

Coming back to the hallways, I formed connections with new friends who quickly became an integral part of my journey. Some of those incredible connections were Rich from Pittsburgh, Scott from Atlanta, Marci from Utah, Dallin from Wyoming, EksAyn from Utah, Jamis from Colorado, Shannon from Utah, Kathy from Arizona, and Trevor from Indianapolis. By surrounding myself with their greatness and immersing myself in their love and wisdom, I continue to grow and evolve.

Ernie Harker and Jodi Orgil Brown workshopping their story presentations with Kelly Swanson, hall of fame speaker, award-winning storyteller, and world-class comedian.

As the final sessions of Influence unfold today, I’m excited about the announcement of the Story Jam contest. Created by Mike Brian, the newly installed president of our Utah-based Mountain West Speakers chapter, Story Jam celebrates the profound connection between storytelling and great speaking. Jodi Orgill Brown and Ernie Harker, who triumphed in the inaugural Story Jam contest earlier this year in Utah, had their video submissions that won the contest shared from the main stage.

Their captivating narratives and mastery of the spoken word captivated audiences and showcased the power of stories to move hearts and minds. This final day promised to be a culmination of the conference’s ethos, reminding us all of the transformative impact of storytelling on the world of speaking.

Ironically, the delivery of submissions via technology for the Story Jam contest is being facilitated by Rakonto, a revolutionary technology created by Christian Napier, also from our Moutain West chapter, that makes sharing video the simplest it has ever been.

The influential conversations at Influence, from both the stage and the hallways, will be a catalyst for personal and professional growth. Through the serendipity of hallway encounters and the wisdom imparted by incredible leaders, I will emerge from the conference with a renewed sense of purpose and a burning desire to make a lasting impact on beautiful people… like you.

Thanks for letting me share!

Have a beautiful Monday! I love you, friend


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