Monday Morning Boost: This Is My WHY

Monday Morning Boost: This Is My WHY

At the heart of all I do as a leadership coach, professional speaker and storyteller, and SoundHeart Champion lies my deep-rooted WHY:

“Empower Myself to Create a Story of Love & Greatness, then Empower Others to Create Their Story of Love & Greatness.”

This profound mission first led me on a journey of self-discovery, where I learned to empower myself and, in turn, empower others through this Power of Three focus of Creating A Vision, Executing A Strategy, and Living a Promise.


The path of leadership is a dynamic journey that requires a clear vision to guide us. Creating A Vision sets the stage for intentional leadership, inspiring confidence and direction. As I embarked on my own quest for greatness, I learned the significance of having a vision that goes beyond personal aspirations. It’s about envisioning a future where not only I but also those I hope to lead and empower can also thrive and grow. This shared vision fosters a sense of purpose and unity, empowering everyone involved to work towards a common goal.


However, a vision alone is not enough to bring about the desired outcomes. It must be complemented by a well-thought-out plan. Executing A Strategy is the bridge that transforms a vision into reality. Through strategic planning and careful execution, we can overcome obstacles and achieve our goals. As leaders, we must be agile and adaptable, ready to adjust our strategies when needed, while staying true to the vision that drives us.


Living a Promise to ourselves is the key that keeps us firmly on track toward our aspirations. Promises made to oneself are powerful commitments, a reflection of our dedication and determination. Throughout my journey, I’ve realized that holding myself accountable to the promises I make strengthens my resilience and ensures I stay focused on the path of confident greatness. When faced with challenges or distractions, the promise serves as a compass, guiding me back to my purpose and keeping me aligned with my values.


I was first introduced to the concept of WHY by Simon Sinek in his world-famous TED talk. With over 65 million views, his core mantra has become common parlance in business and leadership.

“People don’t buy what you do;
they buy why you do it.” 

The breakdown of “Why, How, & What” follows a naturally occurring pattern Simon Sinek calls The Golden Circle.

  1. Why – This is the core belief of the business, the reason why the business exists.
  2. How – This is how the business fulfills that core belief.
  3. What – This is what the company does to fulfill that core belief.


Intentional leaders who truly seek to inspire and empower others also follow Simon Sinek’s naturally occurring pattern of The Golden Circle.

This concept emphasizes starting everything with a simple question: “Why?” Understanding the motivations behind our actions helps improve every aspect of our business, from leadership to marketing. By communicating our WHY, we build loyalty, attract like-minded individuals, and create purpose-driven cultures.

The Golden Circle guides us towards intentional leadership that is impactful and resonates with authenticity and purpose. Our actions and decisions are not solely judged based on the outcomes they produce but are intrinsically tied to the underlying purpose that drives us. When we communicate our WHY–the core values, beliefs, and vision that motivate our leadership–we create an authentic connection with those we lead.



People are drawn to leaders who inspire them with a compelling purpose, a higher cause that transcends the mundane tasks. By articulating our WHY and aligning it with the shared vision of the team or organization, we create a sense of meaning and belonging, fostering a committed and motivated community. This principle reminds us that leadership is not merely about issuing commands or achieving targets; it’s about kindling a collective passion, and empowering individuals to contribute to something greater than themselves.

When we intentionally and consistently lead with a focus on our genuine WHY, we build trust, loyalty, and a sense of purpose that propels us toward achieving the extraordinary. In many ways, our WHY becomes our “leadership brand”, that which we are most known for.


In summary, when we get really clear on WHY we feel, believe, and act the way we do, we will exponentially magnify each aspect of the Power of Three focus points… Creating A Vision, Executing A Strategy, and Living a Promise.

We will cultivate a clear and inspiring vision, formulate actionable strategies to achieve that vision, and we will forever stay true to our promises, and thus unlocking the empowering potential within ourselves and those we lead. The journey of leadership becomes a collective endeavor, where love, greatness, and purpose converge to create a world of impactful leaders. Let us embrace this empowering journey together and inspire others to do the same, for the greater good of all.

Thanks for letting me share! Have a beautiful Monday!

I love you!


p.s. Take 13 minutes today to intentionally ponder why you do what you do.



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