I recently had an insightful conversation with our son Clint that sparked my contemplation about the legacy and future of Red Edge Mentoring.

We are now seven years into this bold adventure of “Empowering Leaders to Create a More Intentional Life.” It’s been a wonderful journey filled with trials and challenges, triumphs and successes, and plenty of experiences living our promise to keep getting back up.

The last two years after my heart surgery took a toll on business. While I didn’t work for six full months, and we generated really no new revenue for 9-10 months, I was blessed with the time for my heart to heal.

Fortunately, I started out 2023 feeling healthier, more energized, and in a better position to focus on growing our business. Elisa and I have worked hard and smart, though sometimes not so hard and not so smart. But we kept focusing on the same system we coach…

Vision – Strategy – Promise

❤️We created our vision.
❤️We executed our strategies.
❤️We lived our promises.

It’s so simple… but it works.

And it works because it is so simple.

We still have significant improvements we need to make, processes to implement, and more saying NO to the good so we can say YES to the better.


A big part of saying NO in order to say YES is focusing on “WHO NOT HOW.”

I recognize that Elisa and I, as the founders of Red Edge Mentoring, possess certain skills, strengths, talents, and vision that are making a significant impact on others. I also realize the true magic in sustaining and expanding our impact lies in identifying the right individuals — our ‘Whos’ — who can contribute their unique abilities to help steer Red Edge Mentoring toward its envisioned future.

The legacy of Red Edge Mentoring isn’t solely about what we achieve individually but more significantly about the collective accomplishments fostered through collaboration and strategic partnership.

This realization aligns seamlessly with the essence Dan Sullivan teaches in his book “WHO NOT HOW: The Formula to Achieve Bigger Goals Through Accelerating Teamwork.”

I was introduced to this seminal work not long after it was first published in October 2020. I read the book in preparation for it to be a focused book for our Leadership Mastermind group.

As the title suggests, the formula for most effectively growing a business is through creating and empowering a team that supports your vision. Too often, however, we resort to doing everything on our own.

But it doesn’t have to be that way.

Just as we are strengthened in our personal lives (for the most part) when we are surrounded and supported by our family and community, the same principle is true in business. Surrounding ourselves with the skills, strengths, talents, and visions of others will help us go further than we could ever go on our own.

As Clint reminded me, building a team will require a shift in mindset for me from focusing on HOW I can do it to WHO can help me do it.


The central idea of WHO NOT HOW revolves around the power of collaboration and delegation. Instead of asking yourself, “How can I do this?” shift the question to, “Who can help me do this?” This mindset shift transforms the way you approach challenges and goals.

Dan Sullivan introduces the concept of the “Multiplier Mindset,” where your focus shifts from personal ability to resourcefulness. By tapping into the strengths and expertise of others, you multiply your impact and achieve greater results than what you could accomplish alone.

The book delves into practical strategies to cultivate a “Who Not How” mindset:

  1. Identifying Your Unique Abilities: Understand what you excel at and focus on leveraging those strengths. Recognize that everyone has unique talents and that collaboration harnesses these diverse skills for collective success.
  2. Building a Who Network: Cultivate relationships and networks of individuals whose skills complement your own. These connections serve as your go-to resource when facing challenges or seeking growth opportunities.
  3. Delegating and Collaborating: Learn to delegate tasks that fall outside your area of expertise or passion. Collaboration isn’t just about delegation; it’s about working alongside others, sharing ideas, and collectively achieving success.
  4. Embracing Abundance Over Scarcity: Shift from a mindset of scarcity–believing that resources are limited–to an abundance mindset, recognizing that there are always people who can help and resources to tap into.


“Who Not How” isn’t just a business strategy; it’s a mindset shift that can be applied to various aspects of life. By understanding the power of collaboration, you not only achieve your goals more efficiently but also create a ripple effect of success by empowering others around you.

The book encourages you to embrace the idea that success isn’t about doing everything yourself but about connecting with the right people, empowering them, and collectively achieving greatness.

Remember, in the journey towards your vision and goals, it’s not solely about how you get there but about who you connect with and collaborate with along the way.

As we continue our journey with Red Edge Mentoring, “WHO NOT HOW” will help serve as a guiding light, inspiring us to build a legacy that will transcend our individual efforts with a focus on strategic collaboration and empowering those within our network to contribute their unique talents towards our collective vision.


If you are tired of wearing all the hats, and overwhelmed trying to figure out HOW to do everything, then consider finding WHO could be the WHOs you need in your life.

And if you need some brainstorming…

I know a guy.

Have a beautiful Monday! Thanks for letting me share,

I Love You!


p.s. Take 13 minutes today to focus on being more of an intentional leader.

All Images by Gerd Altmann from Pixabay



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