Monday Morning Boost: Are Goals Dead?

Monday Morning Boost: Are Goals Dead?

Are goals dead?

Or do they still work?

Is there a better way to create a better life?

I think so!

If you are like most people, your New Year’s resolutions are already forgotten. We mean well when we set them. We have good intentions. But good intentions are not the same as being intentional.

Which are you?

Changing is hard, especially when real life shows up with its normal vengeance and we feel forced just trying to survive. Somewhere in the murky reality of living, our goals vanish and our hope for a better life starts to die once again.

Why is changing so hard???

Because changing takes hard work. And hard work is, well, hard.

So what can we do?

If you don’t like the story you are living, create a better story. And if your old way of changing your story is not working, then find a better way.


If you really want to change, if you really want to be a different or better person and live a better story, then create that better story. Create what it looks like, what it feels like. Create the person you want to be.

Try the simple Power of Three formula of Vision, Strategy, and Promise.

  • Create a Vision – Create a vision for your best life.
  • Execute a Strategy – Start with three steps you can take now that will help you create your vision.
  • Live a Promise – Make a simple promise you can live that will keep you on the path of creating your vision when life gets hard.

Does this Power of Three formula sound familiar???

It should. I’m like a broken record. Continually sharing the same concept over and over and over.

That’s because the Power of Three works!

Put it to the test and find out for yourself. I promise you it will work!

Change is hard. No question. Let’s make it simple.

  • Create a Vision 
  • Execute a Strategy 
  • Live a Promise

Have a great Monday! Thanks for letting me share.

I Love You!

Les Patterson

p.s. Take 13 minutes today to focus on one aspect of the Power of Three.



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