Monday Morning Boost: I Love The Human You

Monday Morning Boost: I Love The Human You

Recent thoughts shared by a friend have caused me to ponder on what it means to truly see other people. I have pondered at a deeper level what it means to fully see humanity, to completely love every culture, every race, every creed.

It’s too easy to see differences, to judge choices and lifestyles, to look down upon others.

I desire to see the greatness in all people. I want to see and love each as a brother and sister even though we may worship different Gods, or no God at all. I want to honor them even if they do not honor my beliefs, my culture, my lifestyle.

I strive to love them in their brokenness, celebrate their rising from defeat, cheer as they soar in victory.

I hope to extend the gift of grace for their mistakes, even if they do not extend grace for mine. I hope to love them where they are on their journey, even if they don’t love me on my journey. I want to quickly forgive any pain they may cause, to me, to others, without expecting the same.

I fall short in my desire.
I fail to keep striving.
I give up on my hope.


I keep trying.
I keep living my promise.
I keep getting back up, every time, no matter what.

I seek to feel charity for others, that which scripture calls the “pure love of Christ,” though I know there are times I don’t feel or don’t act very charitable.

But I deeply desire to feel it more often. I deeply desire to feel pure love.

And I know you do too. With all the challenges of humanity, with all our collective differences, with all the very real problems of very real people, together we are choosing to rise in hope and soar in love.

So when I say “I Love You!” at the end of every Monday Morning Boost, please know I truly do love the human you.

Thank you for loving the human me.

Have a great Monday! Thanks for letting me share.

I Love You!

Les Patterson

p.s. Take 13 minutes today to focus on loving the humans around you.



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