Monday Morning Boost: Remember the “and”

Monday Morning Boost: Remember the “and”

My daughters are not only sisters to each other, they’re best friends.

They talk about everything, hang out together, and share friends. And most of the time they still think mom and dad are pretty cool; well, at least mom!

Like I said, they’re sisters and best friends.

Recently I’ve found myself saying to them “Remember the and,” as in “she’s your sister and your best friend.” It’s usually when they’re talking to each other in a way that their old man dad thinks isn’t the most positive.

I know they’re just being girls when they both give me their cute smiles. On the other hand, it’s generally pretty easy to know when one of them had her feelings hurt.

That’s what breaks my heart.


Words have tremendous beauty and power. They build, uplift, and encourage. Words paint pictures descriptive enough to transport you to a faraway place. Powerful words, both spoken and written, have transformed people and changed the world. Freedom for countries and people has been brought about by the power of words.

Words also have the power to destroy. Empires and countries have been literally destroyed by the power of words. Politicians constantly assassinate the character of their opponents. Families have been torn apart. Young children have become ciphers, literally nobodies, from the words consistently spoken to them.

I was a cipher.

A carnie laughed at my shoes, and I remembered.

A popular high school football player battling leukemia said hello, and I also remembered.

I’m no longer a cipher, and I am important.

Remember the “and.”

Have a great Monday! Thanks for letting me share.

Les Patterson

p.s. Take 13 minutes today to remember the “and” for one person in your life.

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