Monday Morning Boost: “That lady is my kindergarten teacher!”

Monday Morning Boost: “That lady is my kindergarten teacher!”

Not many people remember much about their kindergarten teacher. About all, I remember of mine is her name, Mrs. Davis, and how much my cousin Gordy and I drove her crazy.

Our dads were brothers, and Gordy and I acted like brothers. Sitting next to each other, we talked continuously and we didn’t like nap time.

The seating chart was soon switched around and I guess things probably were better. But then maybe not, as kindergarten was the only time Gordy and I shared a class together.

Theresa Allred was a kindergarten teacher many in Cache Valley remember. This past Saturday friends and family gathered to remember and say goodbye to a teacher who had touched hundreds since she started teaching kindergarten in 1967.

One of the many was Vaughn Larsen, who is now the librarian at USU’s Edith Bowen Laboratory School. He spoke of Theresa with a fondness, telling of notes she had written and how he jumped with excitement when she showed up at his college graduation shouting to his friends, “That lady is my kindergarten teacher!”

In 2005, Vaughn and several more of Theresa’s former kindergarten students were on hand when a room at Edith Bowen was named the “Theresa K. Eckenbrecht Allred Reading Theater” to recognize her “contributions to education and reading for young children and those who teach them.”

Theresa’s voice has mostly been silent for several years.

One of the greatest gifts I’ve ever received was the gift of her resonating voice on Mother’s Day last year. It was just after church and she was sitting quietly in her wheelchair as people stopped to say hello.

When it was my turn, I knelt down and softly squeezed her hand as her gentle eyes looked into mine. I felt that which her voice wished to say. Then in a quiet, beautiful moment, she found the strength to give her heart voice. With a gentle squeeze of my hand, her eyes peering deep into mine, Theresa’s soft voice resonated slowly but clearly… “I love you.”

I wish I could remember more about Mrs. Davis. I bet she was probably a lot like Theresa.

Have a great Monday! Thanks for letting me share.

Les Patterson

p.s. Take 13 minutes this week to say thanks to a teacher.

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