Monday Morning Boost: “Mamas, Don’t Let Your Babies Grow Up to Be Cowboys”

Monday Morning Boost: “Mamas, Don’t Let Your Babies Grow Up to Be Cowboys”

Songs have long been penned and sung about mothers.

One of my most favorites is “Mamas, Don’t Let Your Babies Grow Up to Be Cowboys” sung by Waylon Jennings and Willie Nelson. I would practice my best southern drawl and belt out my best imitation when the only one listening was our old milk cow, Bessie.

Mamas, don’t let your babies grow up to be cowboys
Don’t let ’em pick guitars and drive them old trucks
Make ’em be doctors and lawyers and such

Though Bessie was mostly patient with my off-key singing during our morning milking sessions, she occasionally expressed her dissatisfaction with the sharp swish of her tail and the swift kick of her hoof.

Mamas, don’t let your babies grow up to be cowboys
They’ll never stay home and they’re always alone
Even with someone they love

Though I never grew up to be a doctor or a lawyer, and I still yearn to ride horseback across the wide open plains of Montana, Mom was always proud of me and proud of each of her four sons and two daughters.

Despite our mistakes, large or small, mom always had a way of making us feel we could do anything we set our mind to. When mistakes brought big consequences, we could always relate to Merle Haggard’s classic hit “Mama Tried.”

Mama tried to raise me better, but her pleading, I denied.
That leaves only me to blame ‘cos Mama tried.

We said a final goodbye to our Mom eleven years ago on a Mother’s Day weekend. Today I remember her beautiful smile with Mother Dear, a favorite song from my Primary and Sunday School days that always resulted in a warm hug and kiss from Mom.

Mother dear, I love you so.
Your happy smiling face
Is such a joy to look at;
It makes home a lovely place

I was introduced to a new Mother’s Day song yesterday that has quickly become a favorite. “More Than Enough” by Shawna Edwards shares the conflicting emotions mothers often feel, wondering if they have done enough for their children.

It’s too easy to allow ourselves to feel we don’t do enough as mothers and fathers. I have felt so at times, as has Elisa.

Maybe I’ll never know the love it takes 
To make a happy home that’s warm and safe
And maybe I’ll never see how you pray for my every need 
And wonder what more you could do for me.

But when you walk by my side, read me stories at night
And teach me to trust in God’s love
You give me a hug, maybe two, and say, “I love you,”  
And I think you’re doing enough.

I take great comfort, and so can you, in the hope expressed. We really do “More Than Enough.”

Have a great Monday! Thanks for letting me share.

Les Patterson

p.s. Take 13 minutes today to enjoy the music shared, and whatever you’re thinking, please don’t let your babies grow up to be cowboys!

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