Gain The Red Edge: Fast Fashion and USU’s Outdoor Product Design Program

Gain The Red Edge: Fast Fashion and USU’s Outdoor Product Design Program

The textile and fashion industry historically needs a long lead time, great forecasting, and significant influencers to create and maximize a trend.

The Fast Fashion movement has the ability to disrupt the industry and Gain The Red Edge with their “catch a trend and quick to market” concept, perhaps similar to what digital printing has done to the publishing industry.

The Fast Fashion concept is to put “trending styles right at your fingertips” with a “digital storefront advertised across the likes of Facebook and Instagram.”

Who is leading the charge?

Why entrepreneurs of course.

“Pushing out desirable looks at affordable prices, entrepreneurs in the fast fashion industry have taken skills from the textiles industry to map the desires of their digital consumers. The companies are able to react quickly to trends and have them on the website ready to sell in a week or even less.”

The Outdoor Product Design and Development (OPDD) program at Utah State University is one tool entrepreneurs can use to gain the skill set to take a fledgling idea from concept to market.

I was introduced to the OPDD by Chase Anderson, now the development officer for the program.

Chase is active in leading efforts to organize and connect young entrepreneurs in Cache Valley. The Rendezvous Startup Series was one of his efforts. Though Rendezvous is no longer active, Chase’s efforts have created a jumpstart for young entrepreneurs, a movement that continues.

Last summer I caught up with the OPDD program at Al’s Sporting Goods in Logan, Utah.

OPDD faculty and staff members Andrew Deceuster, Adrian Roadman, and Jenn Nielson analyzed with the student group a handful of outdoor products currently on the market.

Backpacks, lifejackets, water bottles and other products were visually dissected to better understand the design and manufacturing process behind each one.

I was impressed by the collective discussion, thoughtful questions, and their out-of-the-box entrepreneurial thinking.

They explored without limitations.

That’s what Gaining The Red Edge is designed to help us do:

  • Create viable ideas out of exploration.
  • Focus and clarify our passion to create a workable vision.
  • Strategize and implement a plan that brings focused ideas to life.

Ask yourself these three questions to see where you’re headed in 2018:

  1. What passions and/or entrepreneurial ideas are simmering inside your brain?
  2. What one idea do you really want to focus on and clarify?
  3. How will you develop a strategic plan to bring your ideas to life?

3 MINUTE CHALLENGE: Write down your initial answers to the four questions above. Write freely without limitation or judging your ideas. Then share your ideas with someone who will encourage following your dreams.

If you’re ready to clarify your passions and get a jumpstart on 2018, sign up for a free 15 minute “Gain The Red Edge” call.

No sales pitch. No offers.
Just 15 minutes of exploring without limitations.

Click this link to schedule your free call.


Welcome to Gain The Red Edge, an exciting series highlighting best practices to inspire ideas, open up doors of opportunity and windows of creativity, and help you find clarity and focus for your personal and professional passions.

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