Soaring On Sprouted Wings

Soaring On Sprouted Wings

It’s an honor to see our children and those we love soar as they chase their dreams. Be they small or of epic portions, it’s an honor to be a part of fostering and nurturing those dreams to help them #GainTheRedEdge.

Such thoughts have inspired this little poem.

By Les Patterson

A young child rises up
Soaring on sprouted wings
Fostered by family roots
Chasing a nurtured dream.

Urged at times prodded on
Trying hard, falling too
Down but not defeated
Rises up pushing through.

Springing from empty nest
Young this child is no more
Look to the future bright
An eagle now to soar.

Thanks for letting me share!

CHALLENGE: Look for ways today to foster and nurture the dreams of those you love and mentor.

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