Networking With Purpose to Gain the Red Edge

Networking With Purpose to Gain the Red Edge

Let’s talk about the power of “Networking with Purpose.”
We all accept by joining a networking organization like CONNECT Utah we are here to grow our business.
That’s a given. We actually expect it.
What we don’t always expect is when someone goes well above and beyond the norm.
I’m very grateful since joining CONNECT-Utah for the many professionals who have been willing to share their knowledge and skills to help out.
Such was the case with an experience I had this week.
My wife Elisa and I had a specific state tax question we couldn’t figure out. It was too late to call our accountant so I threw it out to the CONNECT Utah group to see if anyone had any suggestions. Realistically, I wasn’t expecting to receive much help given the time of day.
I should have had higher expectations.
It wasn’t but 5 to 10 minutes before Lee Brasher chimed in with some recommendations and then a connection to Lindi Lou Parker. Lindi asked a few questions and then offered to let us call for more detailed help. A quick call and we were headed in the right direction.
That’s the power of Networking with Purpose.
Roger Copenhaver, founder of CONNECT Utah, has consistently taught the strength of the group comes from helping each other out.
The purpose of CONNECT Utah is “Connecting Ideas – We are passionate about the potential of people and businesses together to grow thought into reality.”
Roger took it a step further in a conversation this week. “Our CONNECT Utah culture is a one of giving without expectation of receiving anything in return.”
Gary V. supports this concept. “Being a good person on the upfront,” he writes on his blog, “is always the best option regardless of what the potential ‘payout’ might be.”
Giving without expectation is how great relationships are built.
To that end, Roger has shared these focus points for CONNECT Utah.
  • Build relationships
  • Network with like-minded business professionals
  • Provide warm referrals
  • Brand and market your business
“Some will gain value from the group by gaining business. Others gain valuable resources that will lead to potential business. Some attend to pull themselves out of their own comfort zones, leading to personal growth. Others to socialize.”
Our collective efforts will always create more than we will individually. And it always starts with building relationships.
I call it “Networking with Purpose,” a great way to Gain the Red Edge.

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