Monday Morning Boost: Power of Three From UPW

Monday Morning Boost: Power of Three From UPW

I was convinced before last week I could not walk on fire.

The firewalk is a staple of Tony Robbins’ “Unleash the Power Within,” a training event I attended last week in Chicago.

For 15 years I have been absolutely convinced I could not, would not, walk on fire.

For those 15 years, I have been encouraged, persuaded, even cajoled at times by a key mentor, to do it, to attend the Tony Robbins training.

But I would not do the fire walk.

I had reasons for not going. Absolute valid reasons I felt.

No desire.
Not enough time.
Not enough money.
Not part of my current focus.

Even after committing to go, I still was convinced I would not walk on fire. I would enjoy the training and that would be enough.

But then the night before the event I decided to change what I believed. Before I even got to the conference, I simply decided I would change my thinking.

I would do it.
I would walk on fire.

Making the decision was extremely liberating. No longer did I have to agonize over if I would or not.

I made a decision.

I focused on this mindset all day Thursday. I was determined to walk. But there was still lingering fear and doubt.

With the training provided by Tony, combined with my own mindset preparation, I transitioned from I “could” do the fire walk to I “would” do the fire walk. Then I mentally told myself I “will” do the fire walk, then to I “am” doing the fire walk.

I told myself a better story.
I visualized a successful outcome.
I created a successful outcome.

Then with my new friends Dale Richards, Ilene and her son Joseph, we stepped up to the plate, or the line of fiery coals in this case, and we walked on fire.

We did it.

Individually yet together.
We walked on fire.



Deciding to do something you didn’t think you could is a great way to Gain the Red Edge.


Many of you shared your ideas when I reached out last week for suggestions on how to gain the most from UPW.

Most echoed this thought from my friend Craig Martindale.

“Soak it all in and just enjoy the experience.”

My daughter Leslie’s wise counsel reinforced the idea.

“Travel safe and have fun! Make sure to live in the moment. I know you like to document moments but don’t forget to just enjoy! Love you!”

I hope I’ve honored their ideas, and yours.

Soaking in new and enjoying new adventures is a great way to Gain the Red Edge.


“Focus Your Efforts” is the first step in the Gain the Red Edge strategy.

Tony Robbins teaches, “Where focus goes energy flows.”

It works both ways.


I shared last week the benefits of focusing on the “Power of Three.”

Three key insights.
Three key people to meet.
Three key actions steps to take.

Energy is my first of three insights I’ve learned. Influence and Mastery are the other two.

Energy to create a peak state.
Influence to receive and to share.
Mastery of focus points.


Surrounded by 9,000+ people focused on high energy learning, connections abounded. Lots of smiles, high fives, hugs, and stimulating conversations. I found, as with previous events, I found connections, discovered connections, and created connections.

These are my three key connections.

Dale Richards – Dale and I connected through the same mentor who sponsored us at UPW. That’s Dale second from the right in the fire walk picture. Though we hadn’t met previously we have fast become friends and brothers.


Babsy Sinandile – Babsy is a woman on fire, passionate about honoring her role as a mother and as a daughter while finding ways to share her voice and influence.

Mike Melio – Mike was one of the presenting speakers. While we did not physically connect nor talk in person, his story of continually learning led to his building a scrap metal recycling business resonated significantly. His second presentation of 7 Business Mastery Principles gave me tangible ideas.


I’m still finalizing my action steps but I wanted to share with you the direction I’m heading. These are the two I’m starting with.

Priming – a ten-minute meditation and breathing exercise to be completed twice a day.
Mike Melio’s 7 Mastery Principles – Understanding and implementing these ideas for growing Red Edge Marketing and helping my clients grow theirs.

Have a great Monday! Thanks for letting me share.


p.s. Take 13 minutes today to focus on your Power of Three steps.

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