Patriotic Voices of the Next Generation

Patriotic Voices of the Next Generation

I wrap up this Veterans Day with gratitude for the voices of the next generation as expressed by the students at Sky View High School and North Park Elementary. Each group of students, from the youngest to the oldest, showed respect and appreciation for the group of veterans assembled.

I was quite touched by this kind letter I received from one of the 5th-grade students at North Park. Note the wisdom expressed by this 5th grader! It will be my honor to answer his questions.

The North Park Veterans Day program was inspired by teacher Chad Hawkes who has led the charge to instill patriotism into the students. He has created the “Hawkes Ranger” program which is in its 14th year I believe.

It’s been my honor to participate with the Hawkes Rangers, speaking in their classroom and being part of their graduation. It’s always an honor to share with them the stories of Michael Allred and Ron Wood.

Our country is in good hands with students like these representing the next generation.


p.s. Take 13 minutes today to remember, honor, and thank a veteran. Most will always appreciate a hug.


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