Monday Morning Boost: Perfectly Imperfect Miraculous Mothers

Monday Morning Boost: Perfectly Imperfect Miraculous Mothers

Nature is full of miraculous examples of mother animals caring for their young.

Orangutan mothers, for example, watch over their young for six to seven years, creating one of the strongest motherly bonds found in nature. Polar bear mothers also generally spend two years with their offspring, even digging dens into deep snow drifts to keep their cubs protected from the harsh winters.

African baby elephants are raised in a matriarchal society where other females help a calf get up and walk and show the baby how to nurse. Emporer Penguin mothers will travel up to 50 miles to reach the ocean and fish and will then return to the hatching site to regurgitate the food to the newly hatched chicks.

While these incredible stories of motherly love found in nature, as shared by World Wide Life, truly are miraculous, they still fall short of the most miraculous of all mothering miracles.


Yes, you.


The best moms are perfectly imperfect.

And yes, I’m talking about you.

Not your mother. Not the other mom around the corner who always has her kids out the door on time for everything. Not the mom you see on Pinterest who is totally awesome all the time.

I’m talking to you. Hi there!

Being a mom is a journey. Moms stumble and they get back up. Moms try one technique, then another, give up, then try again.

Moms love completely even though they sometimes they may wonder if their actions truly echo their heart.

Moms stay up late, helping a child, worrying about a child. Moms drop to their knees in prayer, then stand right back up and go to work.

Moms wonder how they can ever do all that needs to be done, but then go about every day doing most of what needs to be done. At the end of the day, exhausted and totally drained, moms wonder if they made a difference.

Moms don’t let their minds and hearts rest very long. Even in their rest, they go to sleep with care and concern on their hearts. Perhaps she’s worrying over a child, even though he might be grown, while still thinking how she can help out the older lady who lives next door and the young mother who moved into the neighborhood.

Then after a night of rest, the morning comes. In the midst of all the craziness at the beginning of a new day, getting their family started, jump-starting their own day, something incredible takes place…

A new dawn appears.

Everyday. Without fail.

And with the new dawn comes a new sense of hope, courage, confidence, optimism, and excitement for moms.

It is true.

I dare say my friend you are a perfectly imperfect mom, and that’s exactly what you need to be.

I leave you with a few words my friends, weaved together in lyrical rhyme, in gratitude for the mothers in my life. For my mother Carolyn and Elisa’s mother Julia who watch over us from Heaven’s blessed vineyard. For Elisa who is the mother of the children I love most. For my daughter-in-law Erica Patterson who is a mother to beautiful Savannah, and for my daughter Rebecca Call who soon will be a mother to a beautiful baby boy. Each of you is truly miraculous!

By Les Patterson

A miracle I am looking for
Something to bring me peace
Answers to complex questions
Desperately I plead and seek.

In my quest for resolution
Hope and understanding
Answers came as did peace
In gentle ways not expecting.

Comfort and inspiration
Flooded my aching soul
A mother’s love providing
That which does console.

No heavenly love, I thought
Could ever be felt greater
Excepting that of the Father
Whose full love will come later.

Such a gift I long to receive
To be wrapped in His embrace
Till then I find what I need
The love in my mother’s face.

Have a great Monday. Thanks for letting me share.


p.s. Take 13 minutes today to marvel in the miraculous mothers you know!

All Photos via Unsplash
Orangutan: Fabrizio Frigeni
Polar Bear: Brian McMahon
African Elephant: Sofia Zubiria
Emporer Penguin: Pam Ivey

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