Monday Morning Boost: All Is Still Good In The World

Monday Morning Boost: All Is Still Good In The World

To be home is heaven
A quiet assurance
All is still good
In a world that
Clamors to say

I wrote this little gem last week inspired by my friend Max Brown who was enjoying a quiet moment at home after traveling.

Such is the gift of being home or feeling at home.

While home is most generally felt at the place we actually call home, I have found the feeling of home exists in many ways and many places.

Such a place I found again over the weekend watching our daughter Rebecca blossom into the beautiful role of being a new mother.

It’s an honor to see our children and those we love soar as they chase their dreams. Be they small or of epic portions, it’s an honor to be a part of fostering and nurturing those dreams. Such moments help me realize once again all is still good in the world that clamors to say otherwise.

Perhaps these words will connect with you.


A young child rises up
Soaring on sprouted wings
Fostered by family roots
Chasing a nurtured dream.

Urged at times prodded on
Trying hard, falling too
Down but not defeated
Rises up pushing through.

Springing from empty nest
Young this child is no more
Look to the future bright
An eagle now to soar.

When I took my turn to hold our grandson Corbin in my arms and looked deep into his inquisitive eyes, I realized once again all is still good in the world that clamors to say otherwise.

This is what it’s like to feel at home.

This is heaven.


In the coming weeks baby Corbin will take off on his first big adventure following mom and dad as they make the trip to Milwaukee for law school. A new adventure filled with new places, new friends, and new opportunities.

Sometimes it can be a struggle to feel at home in these new places, especially if they are but temporary stops on our journey forward, such as school.

Such will be Rebecca and Taylor’s opportunity as they enjoy their time in Milwaukee. A new place will bring new people into their lives who will become new friends. Some will even feel like family.

Challenges will show up. Most will be the normal situations of living life while some will be harder challenges, the kind they probably won’t anticipate.

Just as moving through the challenges will create a stronger foundation for Becca and Taylor, so will moving through similar challenges do the same for you. Such transitions will help create a feeling of home.

Once again you will realize all is still good in the world that clamors to say otherwise.

And that’s good.


Two weeks ago I shared with you my restoration project on the baby cradle for Rebecca and Taylor’s baby. This was the same cradle each of our children used. I actually enjoyed the project much more than I thought I would.

I promised I would show you the cradle after the baby was born. Well, here it is…minus baby Corbin who makes it so much cuter!

Have a great Monday! Thanks for letting me share.


p.s. Take 13 minutes today to intentionally focus on all that is good in your world.

Eagle Photo by Sam Bark on Unsplash

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