Monday Morning Boost: Discipline vs. Motivation, Which is Best?

Monday Morning Boost: Discipline vs. Motivation, Which is Best?

I strive to focus on being disciplined versus being motivated.



Let’s look at this thought from Morgan Mckell.

“Motivation is fleeting. That’s why discipline is so necessary. On the days that we are so unmotivated to do anything, I just rely on my routine and the discipline that I have created for myself. Being a high performer is hard. It’s not easy to do the tough things over and over. But that’s where I have found greatness in my life.”

Morgan takes his own advice to heart. With a personal mantra of becoming a “Next Level Human,” Morgan lives his life with “goals to grow.”

I agree 100% with Morgan. This is what I strive for. Yet, as with many of us, while we intentionally focus on internal discipline, there are times I also need external motivation.

When those times hit, there are three key strategies I focus on for this external motivation.

  • MY WHY: My personal WHY, my story of successes, choosing to rise each time I fall, getting back up even when it’s difficult.
  • PEOPLE ENERGY: The energy of those I surround myself with most consistently, both in person and through the learning process.
  • MUSIC: The energy I receive from music, inspirational sources, and my faith in God.


Finally, we must actually do something. We must get up and go to work. Ideas are worthless if we fail to create intentional action.

Discipline creates the pathway to greatness.

I don’t know if anyone said this before me, but I kinda like having my own powerful quote!

Your turn.

What do you do when you need external motivation??? Share your ideas. Let’s lift and encourage each other!

Thanks my friends!

Have a great Monday! Thanks for letting me share.


p.s. Take 13 minutes today to create your own Power of Three to create more discipline.

Photo by Drew Beamer on Unsplash

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