An Empty Nesters Christmas

An Empty Nesters Christmas

Elisa and I are experiencing our first Christmas in 30 years sleeping in with no kids jumping on the bed (or softly knocking on the door as they got older). Even our very first Christmas morning we were blessed to already have our first child, our son Cody who was born on December 23rd. We brought home on Christmas Eve in a stocking large enough to swaddle him.

As empty nesters we experience a range of emotions, missing our kiddos while encouraging their growth and celebrating their triumphs. Though their journey through life, just as ours has been, is full of ups and downs, joys and sorrows, we take great comfort in knowing life is right on track.

Here’s a little gem for those of you also experiencing an Empty Nesters Christmas. And for the rest of you, your time is coming!

Merry Christmas my friends!

By Les Patterson

They say Christmas is for kids
That much is true
How we wish to be with you
But we’re not blue

We’re celebrating today
Wrapped up in joy
Cherishing the memories
Of girls and boys

Though the years have soared on by
Time won’t erase
Once you were little like that
Your smiling face

Our life is blessed and full
Joy is complete
Each of you lifts us greatly
Love pure and sweet

This is a Merry Christmas
That is a fact
We are proud of each of you
Life’s right on track


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