Treasure That Which Lifts

Treasure That Which Lifts

“Keep writing,” Clark Gentry said to me. “Keep inspiring.”

The occasion was my birthday in 2018. He knew we both had an affection for great poetry and he shared one of his favorite poems as a way of encouraging me to “keep writing [and]… inspiring.”

“Would You Scale the Highest Heaven,” by James Allen encourages us to focus the silent power of thought and to “Dwell… upon the Grandest.”

Dwell in thought upon the Grandest,
And the Grandest you shall see;
Fix your mind upon the Highest,
And the Highest you shall be.

My own thoughts and poetry are often inspired by the words of others. Such was the case with this one with the encouragement of Clark to “keep writing” and James Allen to “Dwell in thought upon the Grandest.”

By Les Patterson

Bound and chained
From thoughts we be
Yet choosing better
Doth set us free

Change we can
If we aught
Focus on
Controlling thought

Daily journey
That’s for sure
In our choices
We find the cure

Then from thoughts
Words do flow
Our actions then
Will continually grow

So when we find
That which doth lift
Treasure we shall
This eternal gift

Thanks Clark for encouraging me to “Keep Writing!”

Base Photo by Andreia Alexandre on Unsplash

Thoughts of inspiration come in many forms, and may be expressed in many ways. The collection of stories, essays, and poetry shared under Red Edge Perspective represents some of my personal efforts to Gain The Red Edge through creative expression. Thanks for letting me share.

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