Monday Morning Boost: Relishing In Christmas Memories

Monday Morning Boost: Relishing In Christmas Memories

With no kids around Christmas morning for the first time, I had to find something creative to occupy my time. It didn’t take long before words started flowing and out came two new poems and a third which was nearing completion.

The first poem I wrote reflected the epic moment of having no kids at home on Christmas morning. For the first time in 30 years we slept in thanks to no kids jumping on the bed (or softly knocking on the door as they got older).

Even on our very first Christmas, we were blessed to already have our first child, our son Cody who was born on December 23rd. We brought him home on Christmas Eve in a stocking large enough to swaddle him.

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By Les Patterson

They say Christmas is for kids
That much is true
How we wish to be with you
But we’re not blue

We’re celebrating today
Wrapped up in joy
Cherishing the memories
Of girls and boys

Though the years have soared on by
Time won’t erase
Once you were little like that
Your smiling face

Our life is blessed and full
Joy is complete
Each of you lifts us greatly
Love pure and sweet

This is a Merry Christmas
That is a fact
We are proud of each of you
Life’s right on track

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This next poem was really fun to write! Playful, lighthearted, and simply a lot of fun! I know, I said fun twice!

And that’s alright… it was really A LOT OF FUN!

Hope you enjoy just as much!

By Les Patterson

Santa will find you
Yes sirree Bob
He never forgets
He’s not a snob

He’s done checked his list
Once and then twice
He knows all who’ve been
Naughty or nice

With presents galore
Loading the sleigh
Reindeer are ready
He’s on his way

Laughing and giggling
Playing with toys
Christmas morning fun
For girls and boys

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While Christmas is now officially over, and I am officially back to work, the tree is still up and a few presents are still gathered in small stacks in the front room.

More so, I’m still feeling the Gift of Light the birth of a Baby born in a manager shares so abundantly during this season of Joy. What I am feeling is, in a measure, greater than any other time since my Christmas in Iraq.

As this beautiful season comes to a close I leave for your contemplation these words I wrote last Christmas.

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By Les Patterson

a thought to end
your Christmas day
a gift of words
to you I say

beautiful grace
that warms your heart
a gift of love
to you impart

more than passive
His gift of light
forever true
that which shines bright

joy of children
echoes inside
another Child
born on this night

may moments come
stillness doth find
chaos quiets
the noise of your mind

everlasting peace
He doth give
in peaceful harmony 
you then may live

to love again
and move ahead
focus you will
on joy not dread

Have a great Monday! Thanks for letting me share.

Les Patterson

p.s. Take 13 minutes today to enjoy a few more minutes relishing in your own Christmas memories.


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