Monday Morning Boost: Navigate The Raging Storms

Monday Morning Boost: Navigate The Raging Storms

The raging storms of life come in many ways, seemingly perfectly tailored specifically for the course we are navigating. Along our journey, we are often nurtured, served, and loved by others who make our journey just a little less difficult. In turn, we also often blessed with corresponding opportunities to love and serve others who are navigating their own journey the challenging waters of life.

An additional blessing of striving to simply serve and love people just as they are, we will better understand each other and decrease the chance of causing or receiving offense. I appreciate this insight from my freind Courtney Tolman.

“I think that’s really the key, right there. Understanding their viewpoint. I think most people are struggling within themselves or just grew up differently and aren’t necessarily trying to offend. It helps to try and understand that!”

This time of year, when the celebration of love is in season, I’m also grateful for the many who have shared their love with me. Since Valentine’s Day, I have created the opportunity of telling a few of them thanks by sharing a poem. Today, I share it with you as a small gift of gratitude for your love and friendship.

Through our travels, and our travails, we better discover the gifts of love we receive and the gifts of love we share. Perhaps that is how we truly learn to give and receive the true depth of eternal love. And perhaps that is what real love is all about.

I first wrote “Perhaps Love” a few weeks ago for Brandon McBride, a friend who has been one of the many to offer a reassuring grip in the midst of my own raging storms of life. I hope you enjoy.


Perhaps love
Is more than what appears on greeting cards
And trinkets bought and gifted dollars spent

Perhaps love
Is the unknown hope a child feels when her head
Rocks gently asleep nestled comfortably on a mother’s lap

Perhaps love
Is that moment uncalculated when two strangers meet
Knowing they have been blessed with a lifelong friend

Perhaps love
Is a weathered hand wet now with worried tears
As a soul of loved one gently departs

Perhaps love
Is the reassuring grip of a brother’s hand
In the midst of a raging storm

Perhaps love
Is that little shared look speaking volumes of understanding
Words could never hope to express

Perhaps love
Is the tender mercy of life gently bestowed
By an Eternal Father through His Beloved Son

Perhaps love
Is that which we discover one life at a time
In the moments washed by and those we forever cherish


Speaking of forever love, today is our 31st wedding anniversary. Elisa and I have had quite the journey over our 31 years. There have been many beautiful moments and many challenging ones. There has been much joy and much hardship.

Yet — and this is a significant yet — through it all we have remained focused on our forever love.

When we have a vision that is far-reaching it much easier to stay on track, course correct when needed, and keeping getting up when we are knocked down or trip and fall. Our forever vision has helped us immensely.


Who has blessed your life with abundant love?
What is your forever vision?

Give it some thought. It’s worth it.

Have a great Monday! Thanks for letting me share!


p.s. Take 13 minutes today to share your gratitude with those who have blessed you with abundant love.

Storm Photo by Elvis Bekmanis on Unsplash


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