Monday Morning Boost: Dave, His Mother, & Quin Snyder

Monday Morning Boost: Dave, His Mother, & Quin Snyder

When a child expresses their desire to do something that seems impossible, or maybe just impractical, there are millions of ways to say it can’t be done…

I don’t have time, not now, we’ll do that another day, you’re not old enough, you’re not strong enough, you can’t do it, that’s too far, too hard, what are you thinking, I don’t think so, let’s do something else instead.

And the one used most often…


Right now, thanks to our new unwanted friend Corona the Virus, we are in new routines. Many of those routines may have us surrounded by children enthusiastically expressing their desire to do something that seems impossible… or maybe just impractical.

So what if, just maybe, we use our newfound time together to find ways to say yes to some of those impossible and impractical childhood quests.

When we find more ways to say yes, we open up their minds, and our minds, to the millions of possible ways something can be accomplished. We help them learn they can do hard things. We help their imagination and creativity to soar. We open up possibilities. We help them discover, along with ourselves, we really can do anything we set our minds to.


Dave Lawrence is one who was fostered by the encouraging words of his mother.

As a young budding artist, Dave’s mother bought, with money, one of his first pencil sketches of a professional snowboarder. She then proudly hung it above her sewing machine. Inspired by his mother’s encouragement, Dave has continued to foster his talent, as you can clearly see in this painting called “The Huddle.” Which, by the way, he sketched with a Sharpie! Amazing!

The Huddle, as Dave shares in this video, was inspired by his mother and and quote by Quin Snyder, head coach of the Utah Jazz.

“The strength of the team is the team.”
– Quinn Synder, Jazz Head Coach

“The huddle,” Dave says in the video, “is used to motivate, strategize, and inspire effort. This is where you make adjustments and communicate the most effective execution of a game plan. There is no player or role that is more important than any other.”

When we use intentional language that shows a child just how much we believe in them,  like Dave’s mother did for him, we also do it for ourselves.

When we lead, be in the huddle as Quin Snyder does with the Jazz, one-on-one with a child, or with our business team, we better recognize the strength of a team (ie. family, business, etc.) really is the team.


There is another lesson we can learn from Dave.

When you watch the video, notice how he gently yet very effectively brings us into his world. Rather than just coming straight out and asking us to buy a print or donate, he shared a very compelling story, taught us the principle of teamwork through the story of the coach in a basketball huddle, then invited us to be part of the cause.

Notice the pattern even follows the same pattern I teach through the Red Edge Presentation Strategy… Story | Principle | Connection.

Dave is a great artist, a powerful storyteller, and a wonderful teacher. More artists could learn from him. More business leaders could learn from him as well.

And, more parents.

I’m paying attention and learning.

Are you???

Have a great Monday! Thanks for letting me share!


p.s. Take 13 minutes today to find more ways to say yes to the impossible and the impractical.

All Images/Videos Courtesy Dave Lawrence 


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