Monday Morning Boost: Saving The Legacy Of Your Words

Monday Morning Boost: Saving The Legacy Of Your Words

The legacy we pass on is a HUGE reason I continue to share stories of my life and of my family.

Writing for the world, so to speak, helps me write in a more compelling and persuasive way. My hope is someday when my family stumbles upon my written words (most likely generations down the road!) they will better enjoy because I write and share compelling stories.

This concept of leaving something for our legacy suggests we leave our words in a place they can be found. Social media, in this aspect, is not the best repository. While it’s true, Facebook and it’s many social media counterparts, will probably be around for generations to come, the sheer abundance of info on our feeds will make it challenging at best for people to find the words of actual value.

To this end, I recommend also storing your words on a personal blog, private electronic journal, a computer file document, etc. Of course, always back them up.

As far as online journals, there are many which serve the purpose well. My personal favorite is


A powerful way to ensure our words are recorded for posterity, to pass on our legacy, is the printed page. Be they handwritten journals, printed out copies of our writings, or printed and bound books.

We have dozens of printed out family memories Elisa’s father George “Buddy” Peterson wrote and printed for his children and siblings. These are a treasured legacy, created through years of love and diligence, sharing stories.

Someday it is my hope my words — and your words — will also be a treasured legacy.

I know what I am doing to create a legacy through my words. What are you doing?

Have a great Monday! Thanks for letting me share!


p.s. Take 13 minutes today to ensure your words are saved for your posterity.


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