Monday Morning Boost: Goal or Promise?

Monday Morning Boost: Goal or Promise?

“Why set a goal when we can make a promise?”

This is the question Jason Hewlett proposes in his new book, “The Promise To The One.”

The word “goals” has lost most of its meaning and purpose. New Year’s goals and resolutions, for instance, seem as effective as blowing dandelions in the wind.


A few weeks ago I introduced you to my Personal Promise Proclamation. I have had a version of it for several years and called it my Personal Mantra. It started out pretty simple.

“I will tell myself a better story.”

Mantras are designed to reinforce a principle or belief through repetition, and for several years this repetition helped me create a better story.

For a long time, I believed there were many reasons why I couldn’t tell myself a better story.

Reasons why I will fail.
Reasons why I am weak.
Reasons why I cannot do.

Lots of reasons why “NOT ME.”

Yet, all I need is one reason where I can say “YES ME!”

One reason.
One purpose.
One vision.

Most importantly…

I needed to make a promise. I just didn’t know it.


It was Jason Hewlett himself who introduced me to the concept of elevating our goals into something stronger, of more substance. A promise.

Why a promise?

Let’s listen to Jason…

“The greatest joy and fulfillment are within your reach, but they require an enduring Promise to The One… someone you might not expect. It’s not your boss, your spouse, your children, or others — no, the ultimate commitment is The Promise you make to yourself to discover your purpose and gifts and share them with the world.”

Who is The One?

I am. You are.


I reevaluated how to enhance and be more intentional with my Personal Mantra after a great conversation with Jason. I realized if “creating a better story” was going to take real root in my soul, it needed to transition into something more substantial.

So I made The Promise and created what is now called my “Personal Promise Proclamation.”

It is sacred to me.

It is a result of many years of creating a story that was not empowered in GREATNESS. I lived a story of weakness, of no worth, of invisibility. I drastically limited what I could do because I know not who I could be.

That has changed!

My Personal Promise Proclamation focusing on consistently creating a story of GREATNESS is engrained into my soul. I live it every moment of every day!

I now know…

I am a person of infinite worth.
I am a person full of wonder and beauty.
I am a person of incredible eternal GREATNESS.

While I own this space of my life with confidence, there are still times I allow the negative to infiltrate my internal language. Moments can still be extremely hard. Yet, those moments fail to impact for long.

Consistency has been the key.

And belief in who I am.

We can be whomever we want to be and live the life we choose when we create a strong belief in who we are today and who we want to be tomorrow.

We can change our story.
We can create a beautiful life.
We can empower GREATNESS!

Let’s keep dreaming!

Love you my friend!

Have a great Monday! Thanks for letting me share!


p.s. Take 13 minutes today to ponder what Promises you are making to The One.

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