Monday Morning Boost: Feeling Invisible???

Monday Morning Boost: Feeling Invisible???

There was a time I thought no one saw me.

I felt invisible.

I felt like the good in the world bypassed me and only the bad found me.

I was invisible.
An unknown.
A cipher.

If you haven’t yet heard of the word “cipher” in this context, it means “a person of no influence; nonentity.” I first learned it from the short film “Cipher In The Snow.

That’s the story I told myself for a long time.

But like many stories, this one was fiction. Horrible fiction at that. But it was very believable like many fiction stories, and it felt very real.

Such is the power of the story I was telling myself.


The thoughts we think and the words we speak hold within them wondrous beauty and the tremendous power to create.

They build, uplift, and encourage. Words paint pictures descriptive enough to transport to faraway places. Powerful words, both spoken and written, have transformed people and changed the world. Freedom for countries and people has been brought about by the power of words.

The thoughts we think and the words we speak also hold within them ugly darkness and the tremendous power to destroy.

Empires and countries have been literally destroyed by the power of words. Politicians constantly assassinate the character of their opponents. Families have been torn apart. Young children have become ciphers, literally nobodies, from the words consistently spoken to them.

I once spoke those defeating words.
I once lived that story.
I was once a cipher.

But not anymore.

I discovered how to create a better story.


How can we create a new story?

For me, it was years of consistently creating, rewriting, and acting out my new story. Limiting thoughts were replaced with stronger thoughts. I changed the words I spoke. I focused on actions that followed my thoughts and words.

The process was hard. It hurt. Too often I wanted to give up. And sometimes I did. Often I felt like a failure and retreated back into the familiar safety and comfort of my old story. I didn’t want to shed my old skin.

I discovered the new story I was creating was a story that had been inside me all along.

It was a story of confidence, strength, and courage, a story of incredible great worth, value, and impact, a story of faith, hope, and joy.

It was a story of love, feeling love for myself, giving love to others, and receiving love.

Most of all, it was a confirmation that I was seen and loved by God.


I was invited to be a featured speaker on Hi Five Live last Friday night. I had the opportunity of sharing a little of my journey from feeling like an invisible cipher to discovering my worth and stepping confidently into my greatness.

Hi Five Live is a worldwide audience focused on Spiritual Inspiration, Sharing Good, and Flooding the Earth with Messages of Hope, Motivation from Heaven, and Real Miracles. It was the largest audience I’ve had the honor of sharing my story with. I would be honored if watched my short 15 minute message. Click this link or the photo.

Have a great Monday! Thanks for letting me share!


p.s. Take 13 minutes today to intentionally focus on seeing and loving yourself.

Check out last week’s Red Edge Live conversation with Jeff Shoop as we explore how we can discover our purpose and potential.


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