Monday Morning Boost: Come Hear Me Speak

Monday Morning Boost: Come Hear Me Speak

I’m often asked by those who enjoy my words where and when they can hear me speak. This week there are four such opportunities. If you are so inclined, and if any of these areas connect, I invite you to listen in.

Things start today at 10am Mountain time when I get to hang out with my wonderful friend Livia Pewtress and help her kick off an incredible week focused on nurturing and building “Healthy Happy Homes!” Livia and I will explore the incredible impact of the words we use and the stories we share.

Click this link here to join. Registration is free.

My beautiful and wonderful friend Lauri Schoenfeld passionately believes lives can be changed through the power of words and the gift of love. “Changing the Cycle With Unconditional Love” is more than just a slogan for Laurie. It’s her way of living and blessing others.

I’m honored to be her guest today at 3pm on the Inner Enlightenment Show. We will explore more of my passion for storytelling and how we can change the story we live by creating a new story with the thoughts and words we speak.

Click this link here to tune in for the live show or catch the replay.

Every Thursday morning at 10am Mountain Time I host “Red Edge Live,” a weekly show focused on “Empowering leaders to step confidently into their GREATNESS through the Story they create to lead themselves, the Strategy to guide their company, and the love they give to Serve their families, team, and customers.”

Over the last two-plus years I have interviewed authors, speakers, and leaders on both a local and national level, including authors Becky Mackintosh and Jason F. Wright, international speakers Ty Bennett and S. Max Brown, and world-record holders Jamie Mocrazy and Brad Barton. Coming up next week I have the honor of visiting with international bestselling author Richard Paul Evans.

Tune in this week for a wonderful conversation! Click this link to receive a Facebook notification reminder.

Red Edge Live – Thursday, Dec 3, 10am Mountain Time

Every Friday morning I host the Red Edge Mini-Mastermind group. This is a free Mastermind session open to all leaders focused on growing empowering their GREATNESS through their Story, Strategy, and Service.

Click this link to join our Zoom event this Friday for a focused discussion on “Strategic Planning for 2021.” Friday, 11-11:30am Mountain Time.

Red Edge Mini-Mastermind Friday – Dec 4, 11-11:30am

Meeting ID: 867 5686 4477
Passcode: 764051

Thanks for letting me share a few opportunities to see a little more of what I do. I would truly be honored if you tuned in.

Have a great Monday!


p.s. Take 13 minutes today to enjoy your Monday morning!


The Story You Most Consistently Create Will be The Story To Most Consistently Come True In Your Life. Promise To Intentionally Create A Beautiful, Powerful, Wonderful Story Of Greatness!


Empowering You To Be More Intentional In The Story You Create to Lead Yourself And The Strategy You Create to Guide Your Company And Serve Your Customers And Clients.

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