Monday Morning Boost: “WWLD”

Monday Morning Boost: “WWLD”

My friend Jason Hewlett, writing for Easter Sunday, prompted me to ponder afresh the question, WWJD.

“What Would Jesus Do.”

Jason was pondering what happens when he doesn’t live up to the promises he has made. He shares a particular struggle, one I easily relate to, and one you may as well.

Click the link below to check it out. Then come back.

Don’t worry, I’ll wait. You’ll like getting to know Jason.

And don’t mind me… I’m just whistling while you enjoy… 

Oh, you’re back. Welcome my friends. Please, if something Jason shared touched your heart, let him know as I did.


Now, let us consider again WWJD.

I have strived through life to consider What Would Jesus Do when faced with challenging situations or difficult choices. Though I have often struggled in my striving, I am grateful I never stopped striving. If I had stopped I don’t believe I would have discovered that not only is Jesus Christ the Savior of the world, He is also my Savior.

While I don’t know how you see Jesus Christ, this is how I see Him.


Before reading Jason’s thoughts I had never considered alternatives to the WWJD formula. But Jason made sure to prompt me to see beyond.

That is the mark of a great leader, mentor, and friend… one who helps you see beyond your own limiting views. Jason is such a leader, mentor, and friend for me. Like Jason, I also appreciate and value Abraham Lincoln (WWALD) as a stalwart exemplar.

WWED, et al

Closer to home, WWED would represent Elisa, my angel wife who has consistently been a guiding light even in those times I have shrunk from her shining love. I would also have a variant of this four-letter reminder for each of my children — Cody, Clint, Brenin, Rebecca, and Leslie. Each of them has a hold on my heart in specific instances.


This variant is for one whose example has been a continual influence in my life for 20 years – Richard Walker.

That’s Richard in the center of the family photo with his beautiful wife Marcena. Richard has been a longtime Home Teacher, ministering brother, business mentor, and true friend. He has been there in the darkness and in the light, in the struggle and in the norm. Like Elisa, he has seen the whole of me and still loved the whole of me.


I feel it is not out of line to wonder if there might be one who has WWLD on their mind and heart.

“What Would Les Do”

While I never wish to see myself as a hero, I do hope those who see me struggle in the mire and muck of life, will also see my continual effort to keep my promise to “Get back up every time, no matter what.”

I hope they will see me rise upward and forward. I hope they will see me reach out for and then accept help when I have struggled to rise on my own. I hope they will see me embrace the flicker of light in the dark tunnel moments of life as well as the bright ensign of light at the end of the tunnel.

I hope they will also see I will always focus on the beauty, love, and greatness in others. No matter the path they have traveled, no matter their mistakes or successes, no matter their anger and hatred or their joy and love.

If this effort, though still often most feeble, would make me worthy of WWLD, I will confidently embrace that role.

After all, is this not WWJD?


Have a great Monday! Thanks for letting me share.


p.s. Take 13 minutes today to ponder WWXD with X meaning YOU.

Graphics for lead photo by Gordon Johnson from Pixabay   


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