Monday Morning Boost: I Love It Here – How Great Leaders Create Organizations Their People Never Want To Leave

Monday Morning Boost: I Love It Here – How Great Leaders Create Organizations Their People Never Want To Leave

Small businesses are struggling to find, hire, and retain good employees at all levels of their organizations. Many factors play into this, including record-low unemployment, enhanced unemployment benefits, and political pressure to increase the minimum wage.

These are each significant factors.

According to Clint Pulver ― aka the Undercover Millennial― the number one reason for employee turnover (spoiler alert) has everything to do with the leader.

I had the opportunity to interview Clint last week on Red Edge Live to talk about his recently released book, “I Love It Here – How Great Leaders Create Organizations Their People Never Want To Leave.”

Clint is an Emmy Award-winning, motivational keynote speaker, author, musician, and workforce expert. Pretty impressive bio. More importantly for me, since I met Clint a couple of years ago he has become a friend and mentor.

Our Red Edge Live conversation covered many areas. I’ll focus my thoughts on three key areas I believe you will find applicable in all areas of life…

  • Create Moments
  • Be A Mentor
  • People Remember


“We don’t remember the days as much as we remember the moments that change our lives,” Clint shared with me.

As a young 10-year-old boy in school, Clint had trouble sitting still. His high energy, and what some saw as ADHD, often got him in trouble and sometimes even sent to the principal’s office. While many saw just a young boy who disrupted class, one teacher saw great potential.

That one teacher was Mr. Jensen.

Mr. Jensen also noticed Clint had a hard time sitting still, was always fidgety, and was constantly tapping. But instead of sending him to down the hall to the principles office, Mr. Jensen asked Clint to stay after class for a few minutes.

While Clint thought he was probably being sent down the hall, he was surprised when Mr. Jensen asked him if he could pat his head and rub his belly at the same time.

Clint quickly demonstrated he knew how to do that, even seamlessly switching hands and repeating the exercise.

“It’s not about being the best in the world…Its about being the best FOR the world.”
~ Clint Pulver

“I don’t think you are a problem,” Mr. Jensen told Clint. “I think you are a drummer.”

He then decided to give Clint a set of drumsticks. This helped Clint pursue the passion of playing the drums and it also helped him recognize the effect that one person can have on another’s life.  

“Be A Mr. Jensen” is the story that earned Clint an Emmy Award in 2020. This is 3 minutes worth watching. This just might for you, as Clint teaches, “a single moment in time can change a person’s life.”

How can you be a Mr. Jensen???


If you were to compare your business, organization, or family to a ship, where would you be on that ship? Do you see yourself at the helm or managing the crew? Relaxing on the sundeck or sweating in the boiler room?

Clint put it this way.

Leaders are at the helm, charting the course of the ship, seeing the big picture vision. Managers keep the ship running, are in the details of operations, working to ensure life runs smoothly. Mentors focus on people, concerned with who they are, what’s important to them, how they can help them.

These are natural roles we would expect to see in a large organization. But how do they work for you in a small business or family?

Leaders in small organizations, who are tasked with a complex mission of guiding from the helm while also managing to ensure operations run smoothly, will more effectively fulfill their mission when they remember to focus on and be concerned with their people.

This what it means to be a mentor. It’s creating the moments that make a difference.

It’s being a Mr. Jensen.

How can you be a mentor?


It’s been a challenging year. As leaders, we have been forced to make challenging decisions. Some of those hard decisions have impacted people around us.

People will remember how we treated them during the crisis of the pandemic. Did we make tough decisions with concern for the humanity of others? Or did we come across as, “It’s just business.”

Here’s a hint.

It’s never “just business” when it comes to people.

Clint Pulver suggests the Status Interview can be a simple and helpful tool for assessing where people are at now.

Status Interview

A Status Interview follows this very simple formula.

  1. Open the interview by first offering vocal praise for who the person is along with specific praise for their performance. Then ask the following questions.
  2. What can I do to keep you here?
  3. What is preventing your success?
  4. How can I help you create that success?
  5. Follow up by creating a Growth Development Plan to help them create that success.

How can you better see people as people?


CLICK HERE to enjoy my Red Edge Live conversation with Clint Pulver – the Undercover Millenial – as we discuss his book, “I Love It Here – How Great Leaders Create Organizations Their People Never Want To Leave.”

Now that I have shared some of my insights, I invite you to share some of yours. Everyone who shares a comment via email or social media will also be entered into a drawing to receive a free personalized copy of I Love It Here along with a complimentary 60 minute Red Edge Mentoring strategy session with yours truly.

You know what to do!

Have a wonderful Monday! Thanks for letting me share!


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