Monday Morning Boost – Putting The “Thought That Counts” To Work

Monday Morning Boost – Putting The “Thought That Counts” To Work

One noticed a worn-out Flag… another wanted to share love and appreciation… each did something about it.


We’ve had our current Flag flying for nigh onto two years. Cache Valley’s frigid winters, blistering summers, and galeforce windstorms (maybe just a bit exaggerated) have turned that beautiful symbol into a somewhat “Ragged Old Flag” that would serve Johnny Cash well.

Scott and Valerie Pettingill are friends and neighbors who live across the street. They have a beautiful yard and they also proudly fly a Flag atop their 20-foot flagpole. Scott is also a fellow veteran. They had noticed our Flag was getting worn out and graciously bought a new one for us at the same time they got one for themselves. It was an honor to hoist the new Flag up, salute, and remember the many who have Stood to Serve and those who Gave All.

Side note: Scott and Val both ride Harley-Davidson motorcycles. Every time I hear them fire up their bikes, I vicariously live through them. I love that rumble! And the rumble is a good reminder to breathe.


Simple gifts of gratitude always touch my heart. Whether it’s a handwritten note, a loaf of bread or a jar of jam, or a simple phone call or text message, these little acts of service are true gifts of love.

Les and Sandy Sharp recently shared such a gift to say thanks. Les is my cousin, his mother Shirley is an older sister to my father Ed. Sandy has a gift for crocheting and turned a beautiful Army-themed blanket into a forever companion by beautifully crocheting the edges. The gift connects me to the afghans Aunt Kate would make for us grandchildren before she passed. Kate was a sister to Aubra Patterson, grandfather to cousin Les and me.

Side note: Cousin Les is one of five family members who happen to share a great first name! I was named after my maternal 1) great-grandfather Leslie Raisor who also passed on his name to a 2) son. There is 3) cousin Les on my father’s side who you’ve just met. And then there are 4) myself and our daughter 5) Leslie. Kinda cool!


“It’s the thought that counts” is an overused cliche to mean I thought of you but didn’t do anything more about it. Don’t get me wrong, thinking about others is a good thing. Thoughts and prayers really matter. Love and Greatness show up when we put our thoughts into action.

And that’s exactly what both Scott and Val and Les and Sandy have done with their gifts.

It’s much more than the gifts. It really is the thought that counts. This is what defines intentional leadership… putting your thoughts to work.

Today, I am intentionally putting my thoughts to work by mailing three thank you notes I wrote last night.

How will you put your thoughts to work today?

Have a beautiful Monday! I love you, friends!


p.s. Take 13 minutes today to put your thoughts to work with a thank you note, a call, a message, or maybe even a loaf of bread.



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