Monday Morning Boost: How Did I Become A Speaker?

Monday Morning Boost: How Did I Become A Speaker?

I was asked the following question last week during an online Q&A session:

“How long has it taken you to become a public figure/speaker? How’d you get so good at talking?”

As I answered the question, I felt others may be interested in my answer as well.

I am not naturally a confident person. For many years I didn’t feel confident raising my voice as a speaker in any way. Nor did I consider myself any kind of public figure.

What changed?

I made an intentional choice to create a better story for myself and to live a promise to myself to make it happen.

Developing my confidence and creating my new story of love and greatness has been an ongoing journey over many years. I started by finding little ways to have confidence in sharing my voice… In my own head, with people I knew, with people I worked with, then with those I didn’t know.

Through the journey, I started to create a vision of how I could use my voice to influence others. I worked for years in journalism, marketing, and sales which created ample opportunities to use and refine my voice along with strengthening my confidence and skills.

Six years ago on September 1, 2016, we launched what would become Red Edge Mentoring with a core focus on empowering leaders. I had ideas I felt could help them become more confident as leaders.

This has led to the creation of my core focus, personally and professionally:

“Empowering Leaders to Create a Story of Love & Greatness by Creating a Vision, Executing a Strategy, and Living a Promise.”

It has been a challenging journey. There are times when I felt like giving up. There are times when I felt on top of the world. I’ve made it to where I am by focusing on my own vision, strategies, and promises, surrounding myself with other incredible leaders, and seeking regular coaching and mentoring.

The biggest factor in empowering my journey is the love of my angel wife Elisa and the tender mercies of God who is all loving and patient with my growing soul.

Thank you my friends for letting me share a portion of my journey that means so much to me.

Have a beautiful Monday! I love you, friends!


p.s. Take 13 minutes today to share with another, or record in your journal, a chapter of your journey creating your story of Love & Greatness.



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