Monday Morning Boost: Rejuvenation Power of Three

Monday Morning Boost: Rejuvenation Power of Three

Creating a major leadership event has drained my energy more than just about any other thing I have ever done in business. Preparing for the Empowering Greatness Leadership Experience this week has been thrilling and overwhelming, exciting and stressful, energetic and nerve-wracking…


In order to recharge and refuel my energy along the way, I have focused on three key areas of rejuvenation… Connecting, Surrounding, and Resting.


❤️ CONNECTING – Connecting with other people has always rejuvenated me. Connecting feels encouraging when I feel discouraged. Connecting gets rid of the cobwebs in my head and helps replace confusion with clarity. Connecting replaces the darkness of stress with the light of hope.

While connecting with people, in general, helps create rejuvenation, for deep and sustaining rejuvenation I need to better reconnect with Elisa and with God. When I am stressed out, they are the two who I disconnect with the most. It’s not an intentional disconnect, but it happens more than I wish.

Reconnecting with both Elisa and God takes a very intentional effort. It takes letting go of pride, asking for help, sharing my feelings, and, most importantly, keeping my three promises.

  • Promise #1 – Create my story of love and greatness.
  • Promise #2 – Stay present and engaged.
  • Promise #3 – Get back up. Every time. No matter what.

❤️ SURROUNDING – Surrounding myself with greatness feeds me with energy and rejuvenates my soul. Greatness comes through…

  • PEOPLE – This more than the average of the five people I spend the most time with, as Jim Rohn has famously espoused. It’s the people I intentionally allow to influence me. Note, this is more than mere connecting, as described above, though connecting is an integral part of being surrounded by greatness.
  • INFORMATION – The information I consume and allow to influence me, including social media, entertainment, holy writ, etc. Sometimes this requires immersion, sometimes it demands abstinence.
  • THOUGHTS – More than anything, my thoughts are in control. I can be surrounded and immersed in rejuvenation, I can be in a tropical paradise, even the happiest place on earth, and still be a miserable creature. And, yes, each of these has been true for me.

❤️ RESTING – Sometimes you just gotta sleep… and sometimes, as I have greatly learned over this past year with the journey of my heart, that even means me! My body doesn’t go as hard and as long as it used to. When I go several days with shorter nights of sleep, the physical, mental, and emotional stress all build up. Taking care of my body with better rest and sleep is the rejuvenation I need.


I have thoroughly enjoyed listening to Brené Brown’s newest book, Atlas of the Heart. This in-depth read explores a “journey through eighty-seven of the emotions and experiences that define what it means to be human.”

The book is rich with stories and insights of the emotions that make us beautifully complex humans. I share a connected thought from a book I will probably continually discover for a long time.

Stress sometimes causes me to feel lost. Brené backs up something I have personally learned…

Connection matters.

“So often, when we feel lost, adrift in our lives, our first instinct is to look out into the distance to find the nearest shore. But that shore, that solid ground, is within us. The anchor we are searching for is connection, and it is internal.”

The real connection I need, the foundational anchor needed most in life, is internally within me.

And that is what it means to Create a Story of Love & Greatness.

Have a beautiful Monday! I love you, friends!


p.s. Take 13 minutes today to practice the Rejuvenation Power of Three.


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