Monday Morning Boost: The Myth of Life/Work Balance

Monday Morning Boost: The Myth of Life/Work Balance

Finding the perfect equilibrium between work and personal life often proves to be a challenging endeavor. The idea of achieving absolute equality in the distribution of time, focus, and energy is indeed a lofty aspiration. Through my journey, I’ve come to understand that the key lies in honing a clear vision for one’s life.

Embracing the core elements of the Power of Three – What Matters Most, What’s In My Control and Influence, and What I Love and Enjoy – has been instrumental in guiding my path. This structured approach allows for a deliberate allocation of time, focus, and energy, ensuring that competing priorities find their rightful place.

Rather than fixating on an elusive balance, I advocate for the pursuit of harmony.

The concept of harmony recognizes the rhythm of our aspirations and then seeks to align our actions accordingly. When the core vision is well-defined (even when it seems a bit muddy, as I wrote about last week), then competing demands naturally fall into their respective orbits. This deliberate alignment brings a profound sense of fulfillment and achievement, transcending the mere tallying of minutes and granting a renewed perspective for cherishing the meaningful moments that truly define a purposeful life.

I sometimes liken our journey through life to that of a conductor leading an orchestra. Just as a symphony needs every section to work in harmony, our lives require intentional coordination. The string, wind, brass, and percussion instruments each must perform their part according to each aspect of the composition (harmony, melody, form, rhythm, and timbre).

When music is masterly performed, the “Rhythm and harmony,” as Plato writes, “find their way into the inward places of the soul.” Beethoven’s Fifth Symphony and Mozart’s ‘Overture’ from The Marriage Of Figaro are two great examples, and two of my favorites.

Likewise, when we strive to be the intentional leader of our lives (the conductor), we will more often feel we are living in a healthy state of confidence, focus, and energy (harmony). This state of feeling more in-tune with the many elements of your life will be the direct result of your own intentional leadership of your life.

Incidentally, the words “Philharmonic” and “Symphony” are used interchangeably when describing orchestras. I love the specific and connected definitions of each. Philharmonic means “love of harmony,” while symphony means “an agreement of sound.”

Thanks for letting me share. Have a beautiful Monday.

I love you!


p.s. Take 13 minutes today to ponder what harmony could feel like for you.



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