Monday Morning Boost: When Your Words Hurt Another

Monday Morning Boost: When Your Words Hurt Another

It hurts my heart when I realize my words have hurt another.

I discovered this past week that some words I shared several years ago have been held with anger in another person’s heart. The words I shared were shared in a desire to comfort a fellow veteran navigating a tragic loss in his life.

It feels like he was angry because I shared the hope I found in God when my brother Shane was killed by suicide just the year before. He seemed to be saying his hope in God had been shattered, so he felt hurt by me sharing my hope. I feel bad he’s carried this anger for 7 years now.

While I very intentionally share portions of my journey with the desire to inspire hope, create light, and radiate love, I realize there will be times when some will not find comfort in my words. And some, as I have learned again, may even feel anger. No matter how intentional I am.

Sharing a personal journey will include elements that are by default… well… personal. How much of our personal journey we share is, again, a personal choice.

Some feel I share way too much.
Others feel I don’t share enough.

And the “too much or not enough” barometer is all over the board. This is especially true regarding faith, spirituality, and religion. Some love every aspect I share in this regard. Some tolerate my sharing because I share other elements that are of high enough value. And there are some who detest (maybe even in anger) when I share any bit of my spiritual journey.

While I don’t seek to appease all realms of the spectrum when I write, speak, or (heaven forbid!) pontificate, I recognize I reach a broad and diverse audience.

In the words of Ben Gochberg, a good friend and wise mentor, I seek to share my words in a way I hope will “persuade and reinforce common beliefs in a positive way…  not taking away truth or destroying custom, rather adding and clarifying in [my] own way the shared values of many people.”

What about you…

First off, I don’t presume (or assume) my words are connecting with you. If they are, I would love to know. And I would love to know if they are not connecting. Either way, I love you!

But the real question is what does this mean for you???

I would love to hear about that as well.

Till then… cheerio! (now there’s a word I’ve never said before!)

Have a great Monday! Thanks for letting me share.

I Love You!

Les Patterson

p.s. Take 13 minutes today to focus on being more intentional with your words.

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