Monday Morning Boost: Shifting Perseptives as a Small Business Owner

Monday Morning Boost: Shifting Perseptives as a Small Business Owner

Creating a thriving business culture was my key takeaway from last week’s One Utah Summit at the Grand America Hotel in Salt Lake City. The gathering of over 900 business, community, and government leaders included Utah Governor Spencer Cox (that’s him speaking on stage), representatives of the International Olympic Committee, and even Oksana Markarova, the Ambassador of Ukraine to the United States.

As an owner of a small business, and as a mentor to others walking a similar journey, two days of this big-picture perspective was very insightful. Yet, the level of big picture can also be challenging. Some of the presentations and conversations felt over my head. And, at times, I felt I was out of my league. 

And that’s why I was there.

Immersing myself in the greatness of others, seeking to understand their experiences and see their perspectives, stretched me out of my comfort zone while simultaneously expanding my confidence levels, enlarging my understanding, and sharpening my perspective. 

As Stephen R. Covey taught:

“To change ourselves effectively,
we first had to change our perceptions.”

The same will be true for you. 

Intentionally taking off your blinders — which are crucial for focusing on your core vision and strategies — will empower you to see beyond the limitations those blinders naturally force on you. Occasionally taking a peak beyond your normal perspective will empower you to see past any limiting biases, vision, and capacity.


Governor Spencer Cox underscored the significance of culture as the “secret sauce” driving Utah’s prosperity and resilience. Emphasizing Utah’s unique blend of innovation, collaboration, and community values — which applies to businesses of all sizes — Cox highlighted how this cultural foundation has propelled the state forward, fostering economic growth and a sense of belonging, striving to create a One Utah among its diverse residents, communities, and economies. The Governor attributes, and I agree, Utah’s incredible success comes from its people who prioritize family, faith, and service, creating an environment where businesses flourish and individuals thrive.

Cox’s remarks echo a sentiment shared by many Utahns, myself included, though I recognize not all — the intangible yet potent influence of culture in shaping the state’s identity and trajectory.

What about you?

Have a great Monday! Thanks for letting me share.

I Love You!

Les Patterson

p.s. Take 13 minutes today to intentionally shift your perspective. 



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