Monday Morning Boost: Much To Be Thankful For

Monday Morning Boost: Much To Be Thankful For

I’m a new grandpa.

I feel pretty darn good.

I have an awesome family.

I live in Cache Valley, my most beautiful place on earth.

I have a lot to be thankful for!

Life has been incredibly good to me. And to my family.

We have a beautiful home nestled on a quiet street in Hyde Park.

We love our neighborhood.

We are blessed to be surrounded, literally and figuratively, by wonderful people who have chosen to see our potential.

Life has given much to be grateful for.

I know what it’s like to do without. To be poor, hungry and cold. To wear hand-me-downs that had already been handed down a time or two.

I have been lonely, walking the halls and sidewalks of life invisible to the masses of surrounding people.

I know the ache of discouragement, disappointment, and being depressed.

I have been afraid.

Even in the challenges of life, there is much I choose to be thankful for.

I have witnessed the rising of a brilliant sun following an extra dark night.

I’ve been lifted by extended hands of love, like Peter of old, from the depths of raging seas.

I have been rescued. Once from the swift running waters of the Escalante River, and many times from the swift running currents of life.

I’ve beaten cancer.

I’m thankful to be alive and to enjoy living.

The sting of death is real.

I felt the last breath of life leave a beautiful teenager as my efforts failed to free her from the twisted metal of a head-on collision.

Losing three parents and a brother in the last two years has created a void that will never quite be the same.

The suicide of my brother Shane still hurts.

A lot.

I’m grateful for the faith in life after death.

I have tilled the rich soil of life, planted and sowed, reaped a bounteous harvest.

I have stood with brothers in arms amidst the quagmire of combat, where heroes proved their country they love.

I’ve seen the ugliness of brutality replaced by the kindness of acceptance.

Gratitude opens the door for more thanksgiving.

I get to write stories.

Stories to bridge gaps. Between people, companies, brands, and ideas. Stories that create familiarity, trust, likeability, and confidence.

People actually pay me to create ideas and share my thoughts.

It’s an incredible opportunity. Privilege even.

It’s a business. Red Edge Marketing.

But also much more.

A place where ideas come together, focus becomes clear, and stories connect.

That’s what I call “Gaining the Red Edge.”

And I get to do all of this because of you.

My family, friends, clients, and those who are strangers no more.

Creating opportunities has given me many reasons to be grateful.

I leave you with this final thought I wrote two years ago.

At this time of year, we have the opportunity to give thanks for the many blessings we have. Sometimes the normal routines and business of life can shield us from seeing the blessings surrounding us. It’s like we have blinders on and all we can see is what’s right in front of us. When we choose to give thanks for our blessings, an amazing thing happens… our eyes are immediately opened to the many blessings we have.

Have a great Monday! Thanks for letting me share.


p.s. Take 13 minutes today to simply enjoy all you have to be grateful for. Happy Thanksgiving!

Feature Photo by Pro Church Media on Unsplash

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